Letter from Patronato de la Casa de la Comunidad Hebrea de Cuba

We receive many letters asking how to help.  Here are some suggestions. 


  • Donate money to fund our projects
  • Ask your friends to donate to our projects
  • Do a fundraiser
  • Speak in the community about your trip and ask for donations for our projects.
  • Promote donations of humanitarian aid. See our PROJECTS page and The Needs List. If you are going to travel to Cuba, consider this list as a guide for what to take to the pharmacy in El Patronato in Havana or to communities in the countryside.
  • Collect in-date medicines and vitamins from friends, doctors, and pharmacists. Package them and prepare them for carriers that are unable to put together their own packages of aid.
  • Sign up to visit the Jews of Cuba with any one of the wonderful groups going this year.
  • Find us a  good PC laptop computer
  • Do general office help if you live in the S.F. East Bay Area

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Mitzvah Squad


Why We Must Careóby Elaine Scheye

After traveling to Cuba a few years ago, I continued to keep track of the Jewish community through various websites. One day, while clicking around on the Internet, I found The Cuba-America Jewish Mission and a program called Bottoms Up. It was there, that I, a single woman working in healthcare, found my four godchildren. My first one, Adriana, looked just like me when I was a tiny child and her birthday is near that of my beloved Mother, of Blessed Memory. So excitedly, I called to pronounce that Adriana was mine and mine alone.

Thus began what is now into its 5th year of a relationship that continues to evolve. I help both Adriana and her sister, MY SECOND GODCHILD, with their homework via the Internet. Their mother facilitates. I send clothes and books and in return, I am overjoyed when I receive pictures of mi dos princesas, my two princesses, wearing clothes and reading the books I send. Their mother emails the messages the kids send me.

I recently returned from Cuba where I attended the Bat Mitzvah of the oldest of mi dos princesas, in this case, Princesa Ely, sister of Adri. My other two kids are princes, one of which is autistic and whose special needs are costly.
As American Jews, we take for granted that all our kids will have shoes. In Cuba, even though they have some money, they often canít find shoes in the sizes they need to meet the needs of growing children.

If you want to do a Mitzvah where real children benefit directly and immediately from your donations, GIVE to the Bottoms Up Program and other programs administered by The Cuba-America Jewish Mission. Trust me, you will have satisfaction unlike anything you have ever known in your lifetime. These programs are not abstractions. This organization is wonderful about making sure that your financial donations and clothing and books get directly to the families, and in short order. And, your donations are all income tax deductible!

If anyone wishes to contact me, please contact June Safran, executive director, who will be happy to provide you with my information.






Are you going to Cuba? 

Do you know that each person is permitted to carry 22 pounds of humanitarian aid into Cuba? 

Would you be willing to carry letters to Cubans from their friends and relatives in the U.S.?

 We can help you fulfill these mitzvoth.

We can assist you in obtaining prepacked medicines, clothing, Jewish ritual
goods, books in Spanish, etc.  Contact us at



Todah Rabah to our Friends in the Medical Profession

For the past 12 years, the following doctors have helped supply the pharmacies in Havana and the provincial communities with both medicines and financial help to buy medicines. Most of them are from the San Francisco Bay Area because that is where the CAJM is based Our volunteers have made the rounds and been graciously received.
We are very grateful to the following individuals and organizations that have provided us with the necessary medicines and humanitarian needs on a regular basis for many years:

Assoc. Medical Group (Leslie Tim, M.D.
Harvey Olsen, MD
Ron Berman, M.D.
Larry Schwartz, M.D.
Neil Gozan, M.D.
David Eshrich, M.D
Stephen Sommer, M.D.
Jerry Kramer, M.D.
Guillermo Varegas, M.D.
Jim Mooney, M.D.- Nor-Cal Urology Group
Robert Smith, M.D.- Nor-Cal Urology Group
James Karol, M.D.-Nor-Cal Urology Group
Robert Kinderchuck, M.D.-Nor-Cal Urology Group
Michael Darby, M.D.
Zealous Wiley, M.D.
Tom Hargrave, M.D.
Silvia Villagomez, M.D.
Fred Hershkowitz, M.D.
Leland Dobbs, M.D.
Micheo Kawachi, M.D.
Sam Dong, M.D.
Budd Shenkin, M.D
Ervin Eptstein, M.D
Robert Safran, M.D
Jay Levy, M.D Ė UCSF
Marvin Schwartz, M.D
Arnold Belker, M.D. Ė Louisville,KY
James Felt, M.D.
Marvin Engel, M.D

We have a special Pharmacist who travels to Cuba once in awhile but always has our communities on his mind. His name is Harold Gordon and he lives in Louisville, Kentucky. Harold is always there for the CAJM and for other groups as well. He gets donations of samples and often buys needed items at his special price, then donates them to whoever is available to carry to Cuba. There is no thank you great enough to show proper appreciation to this good soul who deserves as many blessings as he gives to others.





We gratefully acknowledge the mitzvah of sponsoring a Community Holiday Dinner for the Jewish communities of Havana, Santa Clara, Cienfuegos, Caibarien, Sancti Spiritus, Camaguey, Campechuela, and Santiago de Cuba.

Stanley Falkenstein





We ask for your blessings and partnership as we attempt to turn dreams into mitzvoth. If you can join us on our trips, wonderful - you will have the experience of a lifetime. If not, help Jewish educators make the journey and help us send humanitarian aid by donating funds.

Make checks payable to The Cuba-America Jewish Mission and send them to:

The Cuba-America Jewish Mission

If you have additional questions please e-mail us.




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