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Congratulations to Arturo Lopez-Levy on his website that discusses Cuban affairs.

Arturo was born and raised in Havana and now is a lecturer and doctoral candidate at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies of the University of Denver. worked as analyst for the Cuban government between 1993 and 1994 when he resigned from his post. Between 1999 and 2001, he was secretary of the Maimonides Lodge of B'nai B'rith in the Cuban Jewish Community. His views reveal the situation from a Cuban perspective and reflect on the reality of the Jewish Cuban community.

Samuel Zagovalov (President)
Simon Goldsztein
Alberto Adato
Amanda Adato
Ida Gutsztadt
Juan Carrillo 
David Behar
Ida Gutsztadt, the secretary, writes,   "We are very happy and we are sure we will continue with our job in the Lodge with our heart."
May the Lodge go from strength to strength with many blessings.

Congratulations to Enya Daniela on her recent bat mitzvah at Adath Israel in La Habana Vieja.


Congratulations to the Kosher Butcher Shop staff who can work in a refurbished space.

There is a new refrigerator and a meat grinder for the first time. The walls are painted and the counter redone. The space is clean and bright. Many thanks to the various organizations and people in the U.S. who donated for this project.


Samuel Sagovalov packages meat for Alberto Mechulam while Yaacov Bresniak looks on

Yamilit Brezniak grinds beef for the community

Samuel Zagovalav and Elier Parra work behind the counter.
The new refrigerator can be seen in the background



Cuban Jewish Community attending MASA Israel for the first time!!

HAVANA, February 22, 2010.

For the first time in the history two young representatives from the
Cuban Jewish Community are attending a Tikun Olam Program in Israel,
as part of their long term educational experience in the Jewish

More information here!


William Miller



This 3 day celebration included Kabbalat Shabbat and Shabbat services and Torah study, several community meals, speaches, arts and crafts, and general joyous times.

Cousins, David Budegin Farin and Alejandro Aloma Farin lead Shabbat Services. Alejandro is visiting from Beersheva, Israel

Lourdes Levy Ross leads Torah Study before lunch,

Elias Mizraji does the motzi as Eugenia Farin, president, looks on.

Jaime is a devoted member of Hatikva

The Balia family came to celebrate from Campachuela


This December, as always, the Cuba-America Jewish Mission was able to support the Chanukah celebrations in each community thanks to the help of all our wonderful supporters.  We are grateful to David Pernas of Camaguey who sent up photos of that community's celebration and to everyone who made each community's celebration possible.


In August 2009, Several youth from the Jewish community of Cuba were invited to attend Camp Gesher, a teen camp in Ontario, Canada,  Among them was Yvonne Barlia from Sancti Spiritus who has shown a strong interest in photography.  Here are some of her photos:



Mazel Tov to the Maimonides Lodge of Cuba on it's new officers.  May you all be blessed with wisdom and good health. We look forward to hearing about your  successes in the year to come.

Presidente: Q.H. Samuel Zagovárov

Vice Presidente 1ero.: Q.H. Simón Goltstein

Vice Presidente 2do.: Q.H. Alberto Adato

Tesorera: Q.Hna. Ida Gutsztat

Vice Tesorero: Q.H. David Behar

Secretaria: Q.Hna. Amanda Adato

Vice Secretaria: Q.Hna. Esther Jequín


 Mazel tov to the Simja group and others on the latest community activity.  Pictures are courtesy of Lourdes Albo, Simja Group Director

Mazel Tov to Mr. and Mrs. Berezniak of Adath Israel Synagogue on their Jewish wedding in January 2007.

Photo courtesy of Yacob Berezniak Hernandez.



Adath Israel, the Orthodox Synagogue in Havana, is actively helping its members with daily needs such as powdered milk, thanks to the many supporters who have provided funds for thieir Tzedakah project. Go to their website to learn more about their efforts.


Adath Israel, in Havana is very proud of it's new program to supply vitamins, some medications, and toiletries to members who live nearby the synagogue in Habana Vieja. This saves them the trip across town, a blessing particularly for the seniors who cannot travel. They get supplies delivered to their doors.

"We have had a regular summer with some trips to the beach" and...
There was a special adult program spnsored by the JDC during vacation for people who attend the Sunday adult religious school and for active members of communities in the countryside.  It was held in a camp setting (countryside, small buildings, swimming pool) in the Pinar del Rios area.  The program included social time, study time, discussions of relevant topics for Jewish adults, and plans for future development of adult activities.




Marathon of Hope by Eugenia Farin Levy, president, Comunidad Hebrea Hatikva de Santiago de Cuba
20 of March 2005

The Hebrew Community of Santiago of Cuba was represented in the ¨Marathon of the Hope¨ dedicated symbolically to Terry Fox. This event is part of an international movement to collect funds to finance scientific investigations to fight cancer. The participants were: David Budegén Farin (16) Alejandro Alomá Farin (18) Julio Alomá Gómez (54).

Today, 24 years after his physical disappearance, the humankind is showing more efforts to find ways to fight against that painful illness.

Some people live and they are optimistic. They know that men of faith along with the men of science will find a road for life. We put soul, heart and wisdom to make possible a better world where there be peace, health and understanding among it human beings. We ask because all those that suffer can find consolation and strength, that we can give one to the other, courage, not with words but with actions.

These they are the proposals that inspired the three members of Hatikva that ran today, 20 of March 2005, in the sports marathon, with the common pledge to honor this man that confronted valiantly his physical limitations.

Never be conquered, was our motto, nothing should stop us to promote the noblest ideas of humanity.




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