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nasb vs niv

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Keep in mind that not everyone agrees about the grade level of every translation or the formulas used to calculate them. I find it strikes a very nice balance. For accuracy NASB excels, however it is not very readable. Bible Versions (NASB, NKJV, NWT, NIV, NLT, KJV, RV, CEV, MEB, ESV) Lamsa Bible Translation Compared To NASB, NIV, KJV, AMP 17 Book review The Amplified Bible Stephen Pugh The Home Bible College KJV \u0026 Amplified Parallel Bible Review Dr. James White: Which Bible translation is the most reliable? The text says the Lord opened her heart to give heed or pay attention to Paul's message. Joseph Scibbe Puritan Board Junior. NIV is readable, but takes some liberties in translation. I personally use for my personal Bible study and reading, the NKJV, which uses modern English language. 4 +2 United States Christian Single. Thread starter Joseph Scibbe; Start date May 20, 2009; Status Not open for further replies. Watch Queue Queue & NIV), (NASB footnote - "Many MSS do not contain the remainder of v.3 nor v.4"). The KJV is a very good option but, personally, I have some issues with the “Thee’ and ‘Thou’. Maybe what you read is that it's a little big choppy for reading, In the sense that it doesn't flow as smooth as say the NIV. I have already eliminated all translations other than these two for various reasons. The comparison between formal translations of the Tyndale tradition continues with the Gospel of John, chapter 18. Rutherglen1794 Puritan Board Junior. For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. From the preface of the ESV: “The ESV is an “essentially literal” translation that seeks as far as possible to capture the precise wording of the original text and the personal style of each Bible writer. Ok so I am in the process of trying to procure a new bible. NKJV vs NIV and NASB "H" 12/8/01 7:30 PM: Why does the NKJV treat Ishmael and Esau in Genesis more favorably than the NIV and NASB. Joined: Apr 10, 2005 Messages: 998 Likes Received: 225 Faith: Baptist. NIV. The NASB meets that need. But the fact is that the KJV was not written until over 1600 years after Christ went back to Heaven. The Hebrew word for שָׁלוֹם (shalom, “peace”) is traditionally rendered as peace. Watch Queue Queue. Staff member. and struck him with their hands. Lv 6. I take it the 1977 edition is more literal. and struck him with their hands. This translation focuses on “word for word” while also taking into consideration the differences in grammar, idiom and syntax of modern English to the original languages. Source(s): niv nasb translations: Thread starter Stephen L Smith; Start date Oct 4, 2020; Status Not open for further replies. Episode 1326 NASB 2020 Updated Text reviewNIV Study Bible / Fully Revised Edition … Even though I prefer the NASB to the NIV that I regularly use, the ESV certainly has its strengths with one being with the growing number of academic texts that are utilising the ESV as their base translation. NIV, KJV, NASB, Amplified, Classic Comparative Parallel Bible, Hardcover: The World’s Bestselling Bible Paired with Three Classic Versions [Zondervan] on I knew that John Piper and Tim Keller, both pastors and authors that I deeply respect have switched over to the ESV. I feel I am almost ready to make the switch to an HCSB as my main translation. Click here to turn off cross-references. The NKJV, NIV, KJV and ESV are also good. The New Testament was first published in 1963, and the complete Bible in 1971. Is that so? The NIV and NASB are the same bibles as the Jehovah Witnesses' NWT. I couldn't remember the difference so I went to look it up. Message. NASB — 11 . Formal equivalence comparison #3: NASB vs ESV vs NRSV–John 19 March 24, 2008 The comparison between formal translations of the Tyndale tradition continues with the Gospel of John, chapter 18. Acts 28:29 (omits Amp. There are many different versions of the holy bible that reflect the collective wisdom of the authors who contributed to the translation. NASB 1977 vs 1995. New American Standard Bible (NASB) The New American Standard Bible is the preeminent formal equivalence translation for today’s reader with accuracy you can trust. May 20, 2009 #1 I have been told for a long time that the NASB was the most literal word for word translation there was. 0 0. I generally use the NIV (or my TNIV Books of the Bible) for a reading translation, and NASB and ESV for study. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.
It was adopted by many churches and by some denominations. NCV — 3 . CEB — 7 . However, I’ve included the NET bible in the table. The New American Standard Bible (NASB) is an English translation of the Bible by the The Lockman Foundation. NKJV is really pretty good on accuracy and readability. This video is unavailable. "For an angel went down at a certain season intothe pool, and troubled the water; whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had.” 10. However I usually go to the HCSB for comparison with all of those. The NASB also recognizes Greek translations of Hebrew names and translates the names consistently, as opposed to the KJV which gives us multiple names for the same person; for example, the KJV calls Judah, the son of Israel, "Judas" in Matthew 1:2, because that's how it is in Greek. Now it’s just a matter of deciding which type of HCSB to buy. Good morning . NLT 2. Could someone please clear up this issue for me? NIV is readable, but takes some liberties in translation. NKJV vs NIV and NASB Showing 1-21 of 21 messages. Hello, I'm trying to find a translation that is easy to read, so I won't go crazy over reading big portions at a time. In the past I have floated back and forth between the NASB and the NIV (1984). Id like to ask all of the readers who use the NIV as their final authority if they consider the Rusellites, better known as the Jehovah's witnesses, a cult, or do you call them your brothers? Featured NIV VS. NLT Advice Help Please Discussion in 'Requests for Christian Advice' started by ellie1998, Apr 2, 2018. ESV – The ESV is an “essentially literal’ translation. ESV: They came up to him, saying, Hail, King of the Jews! Like x 1; alexander284 Active Member. Key Difference – NLT vs NIV vs ESV There are many who say that it doesn’t matter which bible translation you read as long as you are believer in the Christ. The most recent edition of the NASB text was published in 2020. Re: NKJV vs NASB I love the NASB. Aug 19, 2013. Hello!! HCSB — 7-8 . Tags: advice; bible; help; niv; nlt; thanks; Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Apr 2, 2018 #1. ellie1998 New Member. ESV VS NASB Bible translation differences . NLT — 6 . Its philosophical theory for translation is important to me, being a formal equivalent translation, which is “word for word.” First Corinthians 2:13 speaks of “words” taught by the Spirit. King James Version (KJV) Compared to New American Standard Bible (NASB) Most people try to prove the New American Standard Bible, NIV & other translations wrong by comparing them with the King James Version as if the KJV was the actual original scrolls that the prophets & apostles wrote. The harshest words that the NKJV uses towards Ishmael is in Genesis 16:12 in which it states that Ishmael will be a wild man and his hand will be against everyman and everyman's hand against him. Click to expand... 1984 Niv was better then either of them, but Csb marginally better of those 2! Aug 28, 2019 - NASB vs. NIV - Why I prefer the NASB over the KJV, New American Standard Bible, New International Version NIrV — 3. BrotherMichael. It does not say the Lord opened her heart to respond to, to accept, to make her willing to pay attention, to give her a trusting heart, or to listen eagerly to Paul's message. I would like to know peoples opinions on these two translations like pros and cons of each and which one they prefer and why? My next step after that is usually to go to the Greek or the Hebrew. NKJV — 7 . Formal equivalence comparison #3: NASB vs ESV vs NRSV–John 19. ESV. Formal equivalence comparison #1: NASB vs ESV vs NRSV - Isaiah 53:5 March 08, 2008 This comparison between formal translations of the Tyndale tradition will begin with the passage of Isaiah 53:5. Originally produced in 1971 and updated in 1995, the NASB is widely embraced for its faithfulness to both the vocabulary and syntax of the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek of the original […] CSB — 7. John 19:3. J Stewart | November 24, 2012 at 4:43 pm. The ESV uses the word peace, the NASB uses well-being, and the NRSV use whole. ESV: They came up to him, saying, Hail, King of the Jews! For over 30 years I have used and trusted the NASB (New American Standard Update) and I still do. My personal favorite is the NASB because it is the most literal word-for-word translation in the English language and it accurately translates from the best available manuscripts. But, I always seem to have one of them open laying in my lap all the time. GW — 5 . It's partly due … John 19:3. NASB vs KJV. I am so thankful for my friend's question about the ESV vs. NASB and NIV. The outline links will go to the NASB 2020/NIV Parallel Bible. Stephen L Smith Moderator. #9 Yeshua1, Jan 10, 2020. I do not care too much about literalness, I just want something that is unbiased. Message — 4-5 . I will be reading commentaries and stuff, so I just want a devotional reading … However, I've included the NET bible in the table. Oct 4, 2020 #1 Just wondering what peoples thoughts were on these two revisions - 1977 and 1995. NIV — 7-8 . Yeshua1 said: ↑ 1984 Niv was better then either of them, but Csb marginally better of those 2! Reply . NIV vs CSB: which do you prefer? What about the English Standard Version? A lot of versions fail on this one: NIV, NLT, BSB, NASB, NET, GW, AMP, CEV, MSG, NRSV and NWT. Not only does it focus on the original wording of the text but also the voice of each individual Bible writer. I have heard that CSB leans towards baptists, while ESV leans towards complementarianism, etc. This is a major reason for not using versions such as the NKJV or Message as they will probably never have any such books linked to them - why bother. I might learn something.And I have to believe that this is an excessively rare phenomenon: the Bible is a big book, and the chances that you have memorized a passage that gets altered are low. CSB vs NIV vs ESV. Recently I was told that the KJV was the most literal. ESV — 10 . I really want a reference one, but also want a single column Bible. NIV vs. NASB Translations? … NIV, KJV, NASB, Amplified, Classic Comparative Parallel Bible, Hardcover: The World’s Bestselling Bible Paired with Three Classic Versions All of the churches that we have attended over the past few years PCA or Reformed Baptist have also switched to the ESV. Colossians 2:9-10. I am about to purchase a new Bible and they have both the NLT and NIV in the kind I want. NASB.

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