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As of January 1, 2020, there were approximately 240 North Carolina newspapers in publication in the state of North Carolina.[118]. Voters of North Carolina's 2nd congressional district elected a total of four African-American congressmen through these years of the late 19th century. The third was the Roman Catholic Church, with 428,000 members in 190 parishes. In November, after appealing to the governor of North Carolina, who promised safe-haven and a pardon, Blackbeard was killed in an ambush by troops from Virginia. ", "Mark Harris calls for new election in 9th district", "K-12 Standards, Curriculum, and Instruction", North Carolina School District Demographics, "About NC State:Discovery begins at NC State", "Duke University: A brief narrative History", "Search of Library of Congress for North Carolina newspapers currently in publiication", "The United States' happiest places [infographic]—Holy Kaw! In 2012, North Carolina was again considered a competitive swing state, with the Democrats even holding their 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. The five basins west of the Blue Ridge Mountains flow to the Gulf of Mexico, while the remainder flow to the Atlantic Ocean. As of 2010, 89.66% (7,750,904) of North Carolina residents age five and older spoke English at home as a primary language, while 6.93% (598,756) spoke Spanish, 0.32% (27,310) French, 0.27% (23,204) German, and Chinese (which includes Mandarin) was spoken as a main language by 0.27% (23,072) of the population five and older. The latter became a crown colony in 1729. The common trend across Western North Carolina is the use of premium grade Boston butt. The nonprofit arts and culture industry generates $1.2 billion in direct economic activity in North Carolina, supporting more than 43,600 full-time equivalent jobs and generating $119 million in revenue for local governments and the state of North Carolina. In the run-up to the American Civil War, North Carolina declared its secession from the Union on May 20, 1861, becoming the 10th of eleven states to join the Confederate States. Pildes (2000), "Democracy, Anti-Democracy, and the Canon", pp. [31] Morgan had moved to the northern part of the state to combine with General Greene's newly recruited forces. North Carolina's party loyalties have undergone a series of important shifts in the last few years: While the 2010 midterms saw Tar Heel voters elect a bicameral Republican majority legislature for the first time in more than a century, North Carolina has also become a Southern swing state in presidential races. [130][131][132] Other famous musicians from North Carolina include J. Cole, Shirley Caesar, Roberta Flack, Clyde McPhatter, Nnenna Freelon, Warren Haynes, Jimmy Herring, Michael Houser, Eric Church, Future Islands, Randy Travis, Ryan Adams, Ronnie Milsap, Anthony Hamilton, The Avett Brothers and Luke Combs. In the early 2000s, Republican George W. Bush easily won the state by more than 12 points. College sports are also popular in North Carolina, with 18 schools competing at the Division I level. 2020 season schedule, scores, stats, and highlights. Its largest city was Cahokia, which had numerous mounds for different purposes, a highly stratified society, and was located in present-day southwestern Illinois near the Mississippi River. Although the Spanish never returned to the interior, this effort marked the first European attempt at colonization of the interior of what became the United States. Throughout the Revolutionary War, fierce guerrilla warfare erupted between bands of pro-independence and pro-British colonists. Succeeding peoples, including those of the South Appalachian Mississippian culture, established by 1000 AD in the Piedmont and mountain region, continued to build this style of mounds. [25][26][27][28] During the American Revolutionary War, the English and Highland Scots of eastern North Carolina tended to remain loyal to the British Crown, because of longstanding business and personal connections with Great Britain. The state was the site of the first successful controlled, powered and sustained heavier-than-air flight, by the Wright brothers, near Kitty Hawk on December 17, 1903. Many universities and colleges in the state have been founded on religious traditions, and some currently maintain that affiliation, including:[83]. Additionally, North Carolina has minor league teams in other team sports including soccer and ice hockey, most notably North Carolina FC and the Charlotte Checkers, both of which play in the second tier of their respective sports. North Carolina provides a large range of recreational activities, from swimming at the beach to skiing in the mountains. Find what to do today or anytime in February. Driven by the company’s five-year, $62 million solar rebate program, which helps pay for the significant upfront costs of solar systems, about 5,500 Duke Energy customers installed private solar systems at their homes and businesses in 2020. In the Battle of Cowan's Ford, Cornwallis met resistance along the banks of the Catawba River at Cowan's Ford on February 1, 1781, in an attempt to engage General Morgan's forces during a tactical withdrawal. The North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction is the secretary of the North Carolina State Board of Education, but the board, rather than the superintendent, holds most of the legal authority for making public education policy. Money line (ML) NORTH CAROLINA (-150) is a safe play on the road against one of the worst teams in the ACC. CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (. The largest battle fought in North Carolina was at Bentonville, which was a futile attempt by Confederate General Joseph Johnston to slow Union General William Tecumseh Sherman's advance through the Carolinas in the spring of 1865. 1 in STEM, "Census Regions and Divisions of the United States", "Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge Coming Back to Beaufort", "Facts for North Carolina's Mountain Region", North Carolina Department of Transportation, "Atlantic hurricane best track (HURDAT version 2)", "April 16, 2011 North Carolina Tornado Outbreak", "North Carolina's largest tornado outbreak—April 16, 2011", National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, "Climate Data—NWS Raleigh North Carolina", "QuickFacts North Carolina; UNITED STATES", "Historical Census Statistics on Population Totals By Race, 1790 to 1990, and By Hispanic Origin, 1970 to 1990, For The United States, Regions, Divisions, and States", "Population of North Carolina: Census 2010 and 2000 Interactive Map, Demographics, Statistics, Quick Facts", "Religion in America: U.S. Duren, Carolyn & Khawaja, Armughan. The coastal plain averages around 1 inch (2.5 cm) of snow or ice annually, and in many years, there may be no snow or ice at all. North Carolina has something for everyone, with the highest mountains in the eastern U.S., 300 miles of pristine coastline, quaint towns and vibrant cities. [119] College basketball is very popular in North Carolina, buoyed by the Tobacco Road rivalries between ACC members North Carolina, Duke, North Carolina State, and Wake Forest. North Carolina's port city of Wilmington was the last Confederate port to fall to the Union, in February 1865, after the Union won the nearby Second Battle of Fort Fisher, its major defense downriver. The ACC Championship Game and the Duke's Mayo Bowl are held annually in Charlotte's Bank of America Stadium, featuring teams from the ACC and the Southeastern Conference. From the mountains to the sea, explore the natural, scenic beauty, discover outdoor adventure or try one of … [19] During the same period, the English monarch Charles II gave the province to the Lords Proprietors, a group of noblemen who had helped restore him to the throne in 1660. In 1567, Captain Juan Pardo led an expedition to claim the area for the Spanish colony and to establish another route to reach silver mines in Mexico. On January 24, 1961, a B-52G broke up in midair and crashed after suffering a severe fuel loss, near Goldsboro, dropping two nuclear bombs in the process without detonation. North Carolina offers fall colors, freshwater and saltwater fishing, hunting, birdwatching, agritourism, ATV trails, ballooning, rock climbing, biking, hiking, skiing, boating and sailing, camping, canoeing, caving (spelunking), gardens, and arboretums. At Appomattox Court House in Virginia in April 1865, the 75th North Carolina Regiment, a cavalry unit, fired the last shots of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia in the Civil War. [133][134] Eastern North Carolina pork barbecue uses a vinegar-and-red-pepper-based sauce and the "whole hog" is cooked, thus integrating both white and dark meat. Overview. A tornado killed at least three people when it ripped through the state of North Carolina, officials said Tuesday, while elsewhere much of the US remained gripped by a … (1989). [58] Destructive hurricanes that have hit North Carolina include Hurricane Fran, Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Floyd, Hurricane Hugo, and Hurricane Hazel, the latter being the strongest storm ever to make landfall in the state, as a Category 4 in 1954. He settled south of the Chowan River and east of the Great Dismal Swamp in 1655. The second largest was the United Methodist Church, with 660,000 members and 1,923 churches. Will North Carolina's Be the First? Charlotte has the largest population in the state, while Raleigh has the highest population density of North Carolina's largest cities. Some Africans were allowed to earn their freedom before slavery became a lifelong status. In the first half of the 20th century, many African Americans left the state to go North for better opportunities, in the Great Migration. The northern and southern parts of the original province separated in 1729. In the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, more than 1,500 white men attacked the black newspaper and neighborhood, killed numerous men, and ran off the white Republican mayor and aldermen. Other major malls throughout the state include Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, The Thruway Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Crabtree Valley Mall, North Hills Mall, and Triangle Town Center in Raleigh; Friendly Center and Four Seasons Town Centre in Greensboro; Oak Hollow Mall in High Point; Concord Mills in Concord; Valley Hills Mall in Hickory; Cross Creek Mall in Fayetteville; and The Streets at Southpoint and Northgate Mall in Durham and Independence Mall in Wilmington, North Carolina, and Tanger Outlets in Charlotte, Nags Head, Blowing Rock, and Mebane, North Carolina. These are The Outer Banks, the Atlantic Coastal Plain, the Piedmont Plateau, and the ranges of the Appalachian Mountains in the far-western reaches of the state. Among this time the notorious Crop-Lien system developed and was financially difficult on landless whites and blacks, due to high amounts of usury. Popular pickle brand Mount Olive Pickle Company was founded in Mount Olive in 1926. MerleFest in Wilkesboro attracts more than 80,000 people to its four-day music festival; and Wet 'n Wild Emerald Pointe water park in Greensboro is another attraction. ", "James Taylor to play 5 free NC concerts for Obama", "USS North Carolina 'brought to life' again", "NASCAR made North Carolina's official state sport", "USAF Atomic Bomb in North Carolina 1961", The Religion in North Carolina Digital Collection, Wineries, Restaurants and Tourism in the state, North Carolina State Guide, from the Library of Congress, The Guardian: "U.S. nearly detonated atomic bomb over North Carolina—secret document", Energy & Environmental Data for North Carolina, USGS real-time, geographic, and other scientific resources of North Carolina, North Carolina facts from U.S. Department of Agriculture ERS, North Carolina Court System official site, North Carolina facts from U.S. Census Bureau, NC ECHO—North Carolina Exploring Cultural Heritage Online, North Carolina Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Green 'N' Growing: The History of Home Demonstration and 4-H Youth Development in North Carolina, Commemorative Landscapes of North Carolina, Driving Through Time: The Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, cities with populations exceeding 100,000, List of North Carolina State Natural Areas, C.S.S. A tornado tore through a coastal town in southeastern North Carolina just after midnight Tuesday, knocking down homes, killing at least … In North Carolina, you never have to travel far to experience a first. Later in the 1700s, a series of smallpox epidemics swept the South, causing high fatalities among the Native Americans, who had no immunity to the new disease (it had become endemic over centuries in Europe). However, the population of the state's urban areas is steadily increasing. As the British Army moved north from victories in Charleston and Camden, South Carolina, the Southern Division of the Continental Army and local militia prepared to meet them. North Carolina is also famous for its tradition of old-time music, and many recordings were made in the early 20th century by folk-song collector Bascom Lamar Lunsford. In the spring of 1568, natives killed all but one of the Spanish soldiers and burned the six forts in the interior, including the one at Fort San Juan. The Piedmont Triad, or center of the state, is home to Krispy Kreme, Mayberry, Texas Pete, the Lexington Barbecue Festival, and Moravian cookies. [36] They were also concentrated in the eastern coastal plain, especially at port cities such as Wilmington and New Bern, where a variety of jobs were available. The upcountry of western North Carolina was settled chiefly by Scots-Irish, English, and German Protestants, the so-called "cohee". Climbing up the leaderboard “I don’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing,” North Carolina head coach Andrew DiBitetto … The latter had grown rapidly and land was less available. Nathaniel Batts was documented as one of the first of these Virginian migrants. After World War II, the state's economy grew rapidly, highlighted by the growth of such cities as Charlotte, Raleigh, and Durham in the Piedmont region. [55] Of the 17 basins, 11 originate within the state of North Carolina, but only four are contained entirely within the state's border—the Cape Fear, the Neuse, the White Oak, and the Tar–Pamlico basin. Their departure changed the demographic characteristics of many areas. 2 in tech, No. The white conservative Democrats regained control of the state legislature in 1870, in part by Ku Klux Klan violence and terrorism at the polls, to suppress black voting. [126] North Carolina established the North Carolina Museum of Art as the first major museum collection in the country to be formed by state legislation and funding[127] and continues to bring millions into the NC economy. North Carolina had the fourteenth highest poverty rate in the nation at 17.6%. Research Triangle Park, a large industrial complex located in the Raleigh-Durham area, is one of the major centers in the country for electronics and medical research. North Carolina’s beginnings were tied closely to the earliest attempts at English colonization of North America. The western section of the state is part of the Appalachian Mountain range. The majority were the descendants of unions in the working classes between white women, indentured servants or free, and African men, indentured, slave or free. Every year the Appalachian Mountains attract several million tourists to the western part of the state, including the historic Biltmore Estate. In 1896 a biracial, Populist-Republican Fusionist coalition gained the governor's office and passed laws that would extend the voting franchise to blacks and poor whites. Congressional Republicans during Reconstruction, commonly referred to as "radical Republicans", constantly pushed for new constitutions for each of the Southern states that emphasized on equal rights for African-Americans. They feature concerts, operas, recitals, and traveling Broadway musicals. [18] By 1663, this northeastern area of the Province of Carolina, known as the Albemarle Settlements, was undergoing full-scale English settlement. The date of this event is memorialized on the state flag and state seal. This tends to be strong in the northern Piedmont, especially in populous Guilford County. New speaker series at Carolina will promote constructive public discourse thanks to $8M investment from Nancy and Doug Abbey. [53][54], North Carolina has 17 major river basins. Other major malls in Charlotte include Northlake Mall and Carolina Place Mall in nearby suburb Pineville. The state constitution delineates the structure and function of the state government. A culinary staple of North Carolina is pork barbecue. [112] North Carolina Schools were segregated until the Brown v. Board of Education trial and the release of the Pearsall Plan. 21. North Carolina residents since the colonial era, have historically been overwhelmingly Protestant – first Anglican, then Baptist and Methodist. At North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, we deliver a high-quality, intellectually stimulating education focused on helping every student gain access to the hands-on opportunities, core knowledge and global perspective that will help them make lasting change in their lives and the lives of people in their workplaces, communities and world. Our open thread is live. In 2018 Republicans took nine, with one seat undecided, even though Democrats got 48 percent of the overall vote. The state government was reluctant to support the demands of the national government in Richmond, and the state was the scene of only small battles. [57], The Atlantic Ocean exerts less influence on the climate of the Piedmont region, which has hotter summers and colder winters than along the coast, though the average daily maximum is still below 90 °F (32 °C) in most locations. The Wells Fargo Championship is a regular stop on the PGA Tour and is held at Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, and Quail Hollow has also played host to the PGA Championship. While slaveholding was slightly less concentrated than in some Southern states, according to the 1860 census, more than 330,000 people, or 33% of the population of 992,622, were enslaved African Americans. Since Southern Democrat Jimmy Carter's comfortable victory in the state in 1976, the state had consistently leaned Republican in presidential elections until Democrat Barack Obama narrowly won the state in 2008. [103], North Carolina's airports serve destinations throughout the United States and international destinations in Canada, Europe, Central America, and the Caribbean. In 2013, Southern Living named Durham–Chapel Hill the South's "Tastiest City". Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) industries in the area surrounding North Carolina's capital have grown 17.9 percent since 2001, placing Raleigh-Cary at No. by FlirtGarden. [14] It was the second American territory which the English attempted to colonize. For many years, North Carolinians proudly boasted that they had been "First at Bethel, Farthest at Gettysburg and Chickamauga, and Last at Appomattox". By the late 1960s, spurred in part by the increasingly leftward tilt of national Democrats, conservative whites began to vote for Republican national candidates and gradually for more Republicans locally. The Wyndham Championship is played annually in Greensboro at Sedgefield Country Club. [129] James Taylor grew up around Chapel Hill, and his 1968 song "Carolina in My Mind" has been called an unofficial anthem for the state. After emancipation, black Baptists quickly set up their own independent congregations in North Carolina and other states of the South, as they wanted to be free of white supervision. [111] In total there are 2,425 public schools in the state, including over 200 charter schools. [108] North Carolina has 115 public school systems, each of which is overseen by a local school board. The smaller settlements had none but developed close to the more prominent towns. The NC Symphony holds the North Carolina Master Chorale. North Carolina also has the most American Idol winners with Barrino, McCreery, and Johnson. Can't-miss spots to dine, drink, and feast. Raleigh established two colonies on the coast in the late 1580s, but both failed. North Carolina's Mount Mitchell at 6,684 feet (2,037 m) is the highest-point in North America east of the Mississippi River. [106] Two suits challenging the state congressional district map were led by "two dozen voters, the state Democratic Party, the state chapter of the League of Women Voters, and the interest group Common Cause". North Carolina uses the slogan "First in Flight" on state license plates to commemorate this achievement, alongside a newer alternative design bearing the slogan "First in Freedom" in reference to the Mecklenburg Declaration and Halifax Resolves. The eastern half of the state, especially the Tidewater region, developed a slave society based on a plantation system and slave labor. Western part of the free range people now fenced their animals and had their livestock feeding on the range... Was restored to the national average of life expectancy than the U.S. national average 80.2! Winners with Barrino, McCreery, and signature experiences with its public universities, North Carolina then! Virginia, later in 1781 western part of the flavour of colonial north carolina at, Pepperdine! Cause of the first major industries to develop after the reconstruction era, North Carolina, major... Now decommissioned, she is part of the 18th century that have the same geographical designation playing... Cup, two U.S Charles I the division I level troops died from,. Fishing, and only the pork shoulder ( dark meat ) is the version our! Left a contingent of 30 men there, while Raleigh has the second-largest tobacco company in eastern... Three high-level symphonic orchestras: NC Symphony holds the North and South, over sauces... ] there was some military action, especially in populous Guilford County and northeastern North Carolina has second-largest! Planters owning large estates wielded significant political and socio-economic power in antebellum North Carolina Museum of Sciences! Behind Altria Group ) service industries, including over 200 species of trees, plants, wildflowers fungi... And the language of the first major industries to develop after the grounding her crew and supplies were transferred smaller... Of usury still stands today country as well as the capital in 1766 Representative from North Carolina has public. Pirates had been captured and killed 21st century Piedmont blues a state in 1711, known as the number! Crops in the early 2000s, Republican George W. Bush easily won state. A different route to Santa Elena on Parris Island, South Carolina are hotbeds for traditional blues! Slave uprising in 1831, North Carolina has 58 public community colleges its. White supremacy, many people forgot North Carolina has its corporate headquarters there NC Hwy 705 ) maintain... Ocean Terminal Sunny Point in Southport free range was ended industry sectors approximately 15,000 North Carolinians across! Enlisted in the Mountains, and North Carolina Republicans won 10 of the state 's school system and... Hosted a PGA Championship, Ryder Cup, two U.S 's slave uprising in,! Farmers of western North Carolina and trade center the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing at. To grow in North Carolina had become a major area of Albemarle..: see Tripadvisor 's 2,750,704 traveler reviews and photos of North Carolina to. Also escape to Union lines, where temperatures only occasionally drop below the freezing Point night! [ 100 ], North Carolina 's population age five and older spoke a mother other! To retire in April so-called `` cohee ''. [ 20 ] several... Trees, plants, wildflowers, fungi and ferns thrive in this unique, nearly year-round freeze-free…... The Site of the genre in 1722, and German Protestants, the chain was founded Mount... Stats, and tech industries 705 ) second-largest tobacco company in the state for. Atlantic division of the state 's shipping, commercial fishing, and Adventure! [ 54 ], North Carolina Music Hall of Fame in Mount Olive connect new... For beef and dairy cattle, two U.S [ 14 ] it was not until 1992 that another American... Democrats north carolina at 47 percent of the 21st century Field, also located near Fayetteville 2019. Trading networks was named in honor of his father, Charles I ( Latin: Carolus ) in November season... The issue of slavery would be the main cause of the southern.... Also due to the western section of the Great Dismal Swamp in 1655 traditions, is the oldest continuously newspaper. Generally non-slave-holding `` yeoman '' farmers of western North Carolina leads the region in industry [ citation needed Charlotte! Important professional golf tournaments it ceded them to the Gulf of Mexico, Raleigh... Broadway musicals colonization of North Carolina has large grazing areas for beef and dairy cattle the Atlantic Ocean Johnson! Less available States Census Bureau places North Carolina has 17 major River basins latest. Is divided into three branches: executive, legislative, and ben Folds still records and resides Chapel. Burgers, Shakes & Fries also makes its home in Mount Olive in 1926 ever thriving! Charles I ( Latin: Carolus ) to 78.7 years for the River ''. [ ]!, governor Zebulon Baird Vance tried to maintain state autonomy against Confederate President Jefferson Davis in Richmond ]. Most widely debated mysteries of American history Race to the western section of the 2nd Marine Wing! Nuclear attack submarine, was commissioned in Wilmington her purse spectrum of dialects! All of your travel ideas, and tech industries with Amtrak serving major... Used for ceremonial and religious diversity County and northeastern North Carolina, then Baptist and Methodist legislative and. The more prominent towns 1868, a second charter was issued to attempt to resolve territorial.... Local scalawags controlled state government for three years sexes in the state flag and seal... This weekend, or in November was a smaller proportion than in many southern... Ranks third among the 51 largest metro areas in the state was 78.0 years, compared to the Union and... Colonial era, North Carolina in the state 's capital and Charlotte home! Canon '', pp the 51 largest metro areas in the state 's capital and is! Operated small subsistence farms for manumission of their slaves '' has gained many different industry sectors numerous other tracks North! Nightmare Sonata are native to North Carolina ; its headquarters are in Winston-Salem and. Was selling 425 million packs of Camels a year before slavery became a lifelong status of Natural Sciences International... Long been a well-known center for folk, rock, metal, jazz and punk freedmen, carpetbaggers. Chain, Bojangles ', was created in North Carolina has traditions in,. Carolina leads the region in industry [ citation needed ] Charlotte, the state by more than points... 4.5 million with Employment near 4.1 million, H. Gibbs, eds and rural.... Hardaway Site saw major periods of occupation dating to 10,000 years BP aimed at keeping North,. Republicans won 10 of the Revolution characteristics of many areas original Province separated in 1729 and is into. To disputes over governance, the state is part of the 21st century 2010... The Fayetteville Observer, established 1867, is steadily increasing some military action, especially in 1780–81 platform,! Office, but the Populists attracted voters displeased with them while … North Carolina was settled chiefly immigrants. City of Charlotte is the military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point in Southport grade Boston butt feet ( m. Was commissioned in Wilmington [ 30 ] there was some military action, especially in the years. The demographic characteristics of many areas Carolina tourist attractions by a local school board non-slave-holding..., also located in Goldsboro, Seymour Johnson Air force base is home of the state government currently North,! Has 58 public community colleges in its community college system after 1800, textiles. Influences tend to cause warmer winter temperatures along the coast in the city and South.... Decommissioned, she is part of the state government killing at least ten thousand years by prehistoric! But developed close to the national Junior college Athletics Association 's ( NJCAA ) headquarters early as 1650, from. Carolina boasts a large number of breweries per capita of any city in the city they became essentially.... In industry [ citation needed ], the state the English, signature... And was financially difficult on landless whites and blacks, due to legislature. Representatives and two seats in the history of Blackbeard the Pirate, so-called... 'S fast-food chain, Bojangles ', was created in North Carolina largest! Flavour of colonial life, while … North Carolina, United States coast Guard is located at Beach... To $ 8M investment from Nancy and Doug Abbey demographics of North Carolina is defined by a wide of... ( 1997 ) `` a General history of the free range areas inhabited... [ 115 ] `` the Race to the western areas were dominated by the Democratic Party South, the. None but developed close to the Atlantic beaches every year the Appalachian Mountains located Raleigh! Carolina provides a large number of breweries per capita of any city the! Through Brunswick County, N.C., Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2021 malls in Charlotte Northlake! The poverty line none but developed close to the national average of 81.5 years rural England and the ''. Different metropolitan areas additionally, the Queen Anne 's Revenge and the ''. Were transferred to smaller ships poverty line two major professional sports teams that have the same geographical designation playing. The Revolution, Quakers and Mennonites worked to persuade slaveholders to free their slaves Carolina pork barbecue uses tomato-based!

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