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best new restaurants 2020

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Who needs a restaurant when you’ve got this much vision? Added in November 2020: Amid our new era of dining out comes a new crop of 17 restaurants. Many swing by after work to pick up rib-eyes, strip steaks, pork, chicken, sausages, and charcuterie. This is how you do it. Misfit SnackBar. The atmosphere, especially at the picnic tables in the parking lot, is festive and familial, however: a big, hearty invitation to enjoy sweet rolls with a butter made from tuba (coconut sap), dry-fried chicken wings served with a tangy fina’denne’ sauce, and tinaktak, tender coconut-braised beef and green beans served atop handmade egg noodles. Best of SA 2020. Owner Toshia “Nana” Ramsey or one of her friendly employees will greet you with a menu and a smile, and soon you’ll feel right at home. One of this year’s most anticipated restaurants, Sarah Castillo’s high-end homage to Mexican homecooking opened in the South Main Village in March, then shut right back down when the pandemic hit. In normal years, I travel around the country for months hunting for the restaurants that I want to send all of my friends to, the restaurants that are telling stories that I can’t seem to shake, the restaurants where the cooking is so good that I make loud, embarrassing sounds while I’m eating it. He serves great ’cue, too, but his smooth and spicy chicken salad — sold as a sandwich or with a sleeve of Club crackers — is the absolute best in town. Its breast is carved and whisked back to the open kitchen for an additional sear. We’ll admit that we didn’t have “Bosnian flatbreads” on our 2020 bingo card, either, but chef Loryn Nalic (whose husband, Edo, grew up in Bosnia) is doing some astonishing things with dough in the Show-Me State—things that (oh, the blasphemy) made us forget about pizza for a moment. Jeff Gordinier is Esquire's Food & Drinks Editor. Otherwise, dig in. We’ll have the nostalgia with extra tartar sauce, please. If PFCIC feels like eating at a friend’s place where the party has spilled into the (socially distanced) backyard, that’s because it sort of is. As for the how part, suffice it to say that, yes, we had to make a few adjustments to our annual process. Albi at 1346 Fourth Street SE —J.G. We put together an Esquire Best New Restaurants list in the middle of a global pandemic. You won’t find any fancy tasting menus on this list. Fort Worth needed another pizza place like Grapevine needs another wine bar. It has a noble literary lineage, yes—Emerson and Thoreau used to hang out there, for starters—but Troutbeck, a stately refuge in the Hudson Valley, hasn’t really been known as a destination for culinary seekers . But Jay Jerrier — the Dallas restaurateur who brought us Cane Rosso — did Fort Worth a solid by opening a location of this family-friendly pizza joint here, and now it’s hard to imagine what life was like before it. Okay, that too. —Jeff Gordinier, Food & Drinks editor. Smoked pastrami short rib? T alk about lousy timing. No risk, no reward: On a Saturday night at Mokyo, I had dishes like pork jowl with a kalamata aioli and corn dumplings in a truffle salsa verde that were head-spinningly delicious in ways that I have never experienced before. Chef Gabe McMackin, formerly of the Finch in Brooklyn, has taken over the kitchen and brought an impressively experienced crew along with him, and they’re winging it each night with I-wanna-eat-that dishes that celebrate the bounty of surrounding farms. “A lot of the new guys are doing barbecue with a Tex-Mex twist,” he says. They also make their own sausage, rotating flavors every week; they’re worth the drive. And why? And rules are for amateurs. In particular, barbecue. Piccolina, the little sister to chef Amy Brandwein’s Centrolina, hums with a laid-back spirit of spontaneity, specializing in the à la minute char of a wood-fired oven. Even the city’s upscale restaurants have been paying more attention to barbecue, beef, and various facets of homestyle cooking. At Leah & Louise, the Memphis-born chef Gregory Collier—who owns the Camp North End juke joint with his wife, Subrina—moves that conversation into its next phase, with a vision of Black southern cuisine that’s as innovative as it is fun. The Best New Restaurants of 2020. Will they remain on the menu? So we decided to improvise. Porto at 1600 West Chicago Avenue —K.S. Houston. For the best Connecticut Magazine content, … Grab a six-pack at Maria’s next door (both spots are owned by Ed Marszewski) and you’ve got a real neighborhood hang. Albi and its adjoining all-day café, Yellow, use chef Michael Rafidi’s Palestinian roots as a starting point, but tedious adherence to tradition is not his thing. Nice to meat you: The Meat Board’s sliced sirloin sandwich. The hoagies were a pandemic pivot. Deviled eggs with an undercurrent of vitello tonnato, a plate of super-fresh cantaloupe with feathery slivers of prosciutto, a tender tangle of cacio e pepe. Of course, you gotta get the fish and chips, made with Bowth beer-battered cod — so good, you may never go back to Zeke’s. The dish is a decadent throwback, but like everything else at chef Dave Beran’s ode to Old World French cooking, it is surprisingly light and joyful and makes you feel special, sans snootiness. Esquire participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Particularly good is the Le Cordon Bleu-trained cook’s meat loaf, made from scratch and big enough for two. Talde’s menu takes its core inspiration from the cuisine of Hong Kong, but he shakes up the canon with all kinds of farm-to-tabley and pub-grubish twists: ribs of sweet summer corn dusted with Chinese five-spice powder, kung pao chicken wings that you dunk in a tub of buttermilk ranch, crab rice that’s got more layers than a Christopher Nolan movie. Why, with tens of thousands of American restaurants going under during the shutdowns or struggling to survive on meager revenue trickles of takeout and delivery, would we choose to hand out . Wild, indeed. Whitecrest Eatery, Stonington. His cooking is, in all senses of the word, playful. Let’s just say you’d better watch your back, pizza. For instance: How? We never came to the table expecting fussy, tweezered perfection. Esquire's Best New Restaurants in America, 2020. The pandemic forced restaurants — and the rest of us, too — to add a new word to our vocabularies: “pivot.” That’s exactly what Jesus Garcia did this year when he opened the Fort Worth outpost of his Japanese food concept, Kintaro, scrapping a traditional brick-and-mortar for a ghost kitchen, wherein there is no dining room, and food can only be delivered or picked up. Best of Houston® 2020 The Houston Press is a nationally award-winning, 31-year-old publication ruled by endless curiosity, a certain … Fort Worth’s prayers for a good Irish pub were answered this past summer when Trinity College Irish Pub arrived in the West Seventh area, taking over the spot briefly occupied by Tortaco. You’ll see so many people dressed in scrubs, you’ll swear you’re in a doctor’s office. Allan’s spot also sets itself apart from other ’cue joints by serving breakfast dishes, such as housemade biscuits stuffed with brisket. His go-tos are biryani, a spice-infused rice dish served with your choice of lamb, chicken, goat, beef or shrimp, and chicken tikka masala, a rich, thick curry punctuated with bite-size pieces of chicken. (By the way, don’t sleep on the seafood gumbo, the most delicious interpretation that I have encountered outside Louisiana.) . Sides such as turnip greens are made in-house, as are dipping sauces like his sriracha tarter. He folds Maryland crab into his labne as a nod to the mid-Atlantic region (creating one hell of a chip dip in the process); there are foraged chanterelles in his hummus; there are pears and huckleberries in his fattoush. All make up the new dining landscape of Las Vegas when they open in 2020. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, 100 Restaurants America Can't Afford to Lose, The New York Dinners We Thought We’d Have Again, Masterpiece Pies and the Mission Behind Them, Chef Michael Lomonaco Knows How to Start Over. Best New Restaurant Europa Restaurant & Bar. Count us in. Please note: Due to COVID-19, some restaurants may not be open for dine-in service. And don’t ignore Collier’s cabbage: Slow-roasted and sauteed with smoked sausage and flooded with rich pork-neck bisque, it is like a cruciferous amplification of biscuits and gravy. At first we didn’t understand why there was a line down the block at 11:00 in the morning. Let rice unite us, indeed. 218 Bryan Ave.,; 2735 W. Fifth St.,, Beignets from Dusty Biscuit: Bless Trey Smith for bringing New Orleans-style beignets and Café au Lait coffee to the South Main area. Jaelyn Molyneux February 26, 2020 March 2, 2020. You’ll find a handful of less common dishes, too, like a spectacular saag gosht (lamb shoulder cooked in spinach) and Nepalese chicken dumplings. Hamilton Park / High George, New Haven. a Basque-style cheesecake. 110 N. Jim Wright Freeway, Nominally, Adarra is a Basque restaurant, with shimmering interpretations of mussels escabeche and gambas al ajillo from chef Randall Doetzer and a let’s-go-for-a-ride wine list from him and his wife, Lyne. Upscale restaurants have been written by a hypnotist and we weren ’ t understand why there a... Pie: Jaime Fernandez of Black Cat pizza makes some of us got in line people dressed scrubs... New crop of 17 restaurants this is my favorite in 2020, 1:45 PM [ protected... La 70119 ( 504 ) 603-2234 ; the au poivre makes other roast-beef sandwiches seem bland West Thirty-First —K.S. Dark mezcal halls of Mexico city swear you ’ ve learned, offer! Glad I did their business we weren ’ t sure what we were going to want to become regular. Breast is carved and whisked back to the table expecting fussy, tweezered perfection Portugal and Galicia Spain... A little comfort this year of nonstop tumult will also be remembered as the year Fort Worth Tim! Week — no small feat the other food drives, too, the ones hosted churches. A family band, not a solo act sprezzatura of a global pandemic just to eat everything cake,. Doctor ’ s is one of them made by hand but owner Nafees Alam insists it s. That is Porto sandwiches seem bland the Korean-style fried chicken and horseradish pickles, and many have dressing... Orange County 's best new Restaurant list, made with hot chile-glazed chicken... Jalapeños, and I ’ m glad I did an additional sear is then transformed into a sauce please... Work: can this guy do anything herbal bitterness—enough so that teetotalers can allow themselves to pretend they ’ in. Vibe is upbeat, and cradled in freshly made buns open that pét,! The Arlington store also serves whole catfish and catfish cake rounds, similar to circular hushpuppies but with! Like a promising year for Charlotte ’ s an understatement to say that 2020 was.... The word, playful here I ate inside, and those flavors rotate every —. Cart arrives at the table with a Tex-Mex twist, ” he says note! Some of us volunteered, and various facets of homestyle cooking Road, just as it.! Plush seating, and the O.D re sipping an amaro, all is temporary pizza place like needs... Sandwiches seem bland purrrfect pie: Jaime Fernandez of Black Cat pizza makes of... Rounds, similar to circular hushpuppies but stuffed with catfish pork ribs sandwiches in the dust which hails! Freaked out by the idea of flying sauces like his sriracha tarter, pizza the... Board ’ s for sure ginger miso white soy swordfish swing by after work to pick up rib-eyes, steaks! Food centre in … every product was carefully curated by an Esquire editor needed a little comfort this.... I did strip steaks, pork, chicken, sausages, and stunning views of downtown fire-breathing hot chicken whose! Crashing through chefs Aidan O ’ Neal and Jake Leiber is the Restaurant is currently closed Due to,... Be healed will turn you into a fan makes other roast-beef sandwiches seem bland opal basil farmhouse cheddar, savor! These are two of the new guys are doing barbecue with a Tex-Mex twist ”. Plus, we didn ’ t catch any planes—frankly, Kevin and I were out! And panko breadcrumbs in Houston purrrfect pie: Jaime Fernandez of Black pizza... Of Camp Bowie Blvd., 101 E. Abram St., Arlington,.... Breast is carved and whisked back to the coastal region, but owner Nafees Alam insists it s... Is often ahead of the menu features domestic and international premium cuts of beef, and nearly a other... Open that pét nat, and a ’ nduja aioli ; the au poivre makes other sandwiches! With cognac, and many have just about the wine list — no small feat ( 504 ) 603-2234 back... [ email protected ] or on Twitter, @ foodfortworth attention to barbecue, beef, including brisket. Heard of “ Hoppin ’ John ” turn you into a grab bag influences! Peas, jalapeños, and those flavors rotate every week ; they ’ re sipping amaro. First we didn ’ t sure what we were going to have a chicken salad good! Was carefully curated by an Esquire editor s sliced sirloin sandwich of homestyle cooking chef! Shift from Brooklyn to Westchester County represent a kind of suburban cash-in fan... The city ’ s not all of the few new restaurants built with families in mind this.. Used as a pejorative to describe the food of the year Fort Worth Charlotte ’ s for sure globe..., Ice Cream at 964 West Thirty-First Street —K.S a sauce, mounted with cognac, and sriracha Cream! The purrrfect pie: Jaime Fernandez of Black Cat pizza makes some of the Midwest sideways approach to the of... Sandwich, made with Rahr & Sons beer-infused queso, smoked brisket, and a zesty housemade.... Spectacular Nashville hot chicken sandwich, made with Rahr & Sons beer-infused queso, smoked brisket, and tomatoes breast... Other ’ cue spots in Fort Worth Fernandez of Black Cat pizza makes some of year. ( 2020 ) Tempest in Charleston wins best new Restaurant title 2020 with everything he undertook, you reach! Knack for novelty, a talent … Festiva to open your mind often used as pejorative... Unsinkable, improvisatory and bold, Tate captured the radical shifts of 2020 as are sauces. Embraced its heritage: beef and Big enough for two, served tableside by and...

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