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asking how are you reddit

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Glad to be here with you. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. 33 members in the language_lesson community. People are sick and dying in alarming numbers all around us. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. As you can see, Kate said, “It’s fine,” when it really wasn’t fine at all. Anyways he sat down and the guy started crying to him about his gf. All of a sudden, a single text brings so many emotions flooding back, all without prior warning. 2. Here are some techniques to draw out what you need to know. If she musters up the courage to ask you out, give her some credit. I'm fine. Is the best line I’ve got for defusing ye olde boyfriend question. Years ago I had a homeless gentleman come right up to me while I was doing field work (orange jacket, measuring stuff). Employers can also ask you … One type of adjacency pair is “question-answer,” and another is “greeting-greeting”—while “How are you?” “I’m fine” may seem like a question and an answer, in practice it functions more like two greetings. You might also follow up on a worry or concern they’ve mentioned before, and check in on how they’re feeling about it now. Meanwhile, Butler recommends “Are you still holding up okay?,” which can work as a succinct check-in before moving the discussion to other matters: It tacitly acknowledges the circumstances but nudges the respondent toward a succinct yes-or-no (or “More or less!”) answer. Perhaps you tell the professor you have already searched the syllabus, asked a classmate, sought tutoring help. asks how a person has been doing lately.. These settings are where “How are you?” belongs these days: where the asker is prepared for an honest answer. Asking for a promotion can be nerve-wracking. If someone is “fine,” … I somehow just stood there and responded "I'm sorry, it won't happen again". Here’s why they ask: 1. Every conversation I have these days with someone who doesn’t live in my home—every FaceTime with a friend or family member, every reporting phone call—kicks off with a brief, awkward, accidental meditation on mortality. Asking amazing great questions is skill like any other skill, it takes practice. For example, if you're out to coffee or lunch, your friend may not want other people to hear their response, even if they're strangers. I darted around him and sprinted as fast as I could. #12 She’ll finally ask you out. She giggled and dragged him away. How are you? The coronavirus pandemic and its effects are dramatic and widespread enough that it’s safe to assume everyone’s life has changed for the worse in some way. If they are screaming and yelling you need to come in loud but not attacking them...agreeing with them (to a point), I understand why you are fucking pissed I would be pissed too, yeah that is some bullshit the situation really sucks, look I get it I would be angry as shit too but us screaming is going to get anything done no matter how angry we are. There is, however, precedent for adjusting what’s customary or polite in extraordinary times. I am giving some easy answers. How are you? Emily Post may have agreed, then, that the expectations around “How are you?” should change when the question is inviting discomfort and heartache instead of lively dialogue. Patients hate updating their paperwork. and getting the typical 'i dunno, anything' answer and then having suggestions shot down. Starting at me with eyes wide open and said "don't you ever threaten my life again". I screamed about my horrid orange lipstick and then shrieked about not having any socks on. I am AWAP (As Well As Possible) 3. So little effort for a person to find you friendly! She's gorgeous". This is useful if you’re ever in a verbal altercation. Read: Humans are too optimistic to comprehend the coronavirus. In wartime, the supplement reads, “nothing is more welcome to the normal home-loving man (or girl) than to hear his name called when the mail is handed out.”. In other words, employers can still ask about how much you made in annual bonuses if you are in sales or other commissions-based sectors. This isn't something I've used but I think it's worth sharing. In my own conversations, I like to go with “What’s your day been like so far?,” which moves the long-term circumstances into the backdrop and asks for only a small, trivial morsel of information. As Lizzie Post pointed out, Emily Post wrote in the 1920s that the correct response to “How do you do?” was always something along the lines of “I’m doing well, thank you,” even if the respondent was in fact completely miserable. 5. “How are you?” “I’m fine, thank you.” Do you find yourself saying these phrases again and again? It is usually a prompt for the other person to find out more and try to make you feel better. “What’s been on your mind lately?” suggests openness to a deeper conversation. “It’s hugely important. And if the perfect line doesn't strike you right away, don't worry. no doubt this is annoying but these are our options. He is Derren Brown though so I wouldn't recommend this to everyone, Derren Brown also suggests, for example. But the word “fine” is often used to mean “good enough.” It’s not great, but it will work. Everyone’s doing badly. (Just answer with the same question) 4. First off, instead of simply asking How are you?, friend B asks a slightly different question: How have you been doing? Learn to speak another language through videos. One that I picked up from a friend of mine whenever he was trying to pick out dinner with his gf: rather than ask "What do you want?" You?”. It’s what’s on everybody’s mind.” Tannen points out that in certain parts of Asia, a common greeting exchange goes something like “Have you eaten yet?” “Yes, I’ve eaten rice.” Asking “How are you?” out of politeness during a pandemic is like asking “Have you eaten yet?” during a famine: Not only does the question draw all involved parties’ attention to the terrible circumstances at hand, but the expectation of a polite response negates the possibility of an actually informative answer. We need better questions to ask. You’ll also like 28 Phrases to Feel Comfortable in English Conversations. Today I’m going to show you some more creative ways to ask and answer “How are you?” in English. Better yet, greet them in a … You’re doing your thing and getting over the breakup. Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. At least 7 of those people now smile back when they see me every morning. I didn’t think it would work, because I could see someone being so intent that it simply doesn’t, but...worked for me! “You looking at my girlfriend?” “Is her name Mary?” “...what? simply asks about a current state, How have you been doing? Offering a hug or a handshake is no longer a polite way to greet someone. Derren replied with "the wall outside my house is four feet tall." Upright and still breathing. Let’s take a look at those before I get into how to respond to an ex asking how you are. Wrap up your response with “Thanks for asking. Sometimes they're cruel for no obvious reason. How to Be Amazingly Good at Asking Questions. Only use this response if you want to talk about your sickness or illness with the person. But clearly she also understood that sometimes the rules have to be reversed or relaxed in accordance with the times. I used to say, “look through the pages and make any changes.” They would groan and reluctantly take the paperwork, or just complain about it. Adults with disabilities want to be treated as independent people. They may then ask you more questions and show sympathy for how you are feeling. Used it a few times in some of my relationships and it's the godsend question. Best ask Reddit! Or what was ruined because too many people started doing it? The idea is that it puts the aggravated person on the back foot and takes them out of that adrenaline filled state. “How are you?” I ask next, out of habit. Don't be afraid to ask them if they're okay. I tried this once and it worked! a common greeting exchange goes something like. To ask “How are you?” is either to make the conversation very gloomy, very fast or to force someone to lie straight to your face and say they’re fine. I've started doign this on the walk to work. Tannen is partial to “What am I interrupting?” as a conversation starter for phone calls. Just imagine... if someone walks into you twice a year and both times you smile and greet them enthousiastically, they will think of you as a nice person. 5. 31.0m members in the AskReddit community. So when they ask, if you don’t feel like answering directly, don’t. In other words, it’s a way to catch up with the other person. I see the same 6-7 people every morning from a pool of about 10. Just say “Hey X! Our jobs, and really our entire financial futures, are in jeopardy. The difference is that while How are you? Funny Reddit users will answer! I work front desk in a medical office. Thanks Ask to Answer. You have the option of mentioning how you have already tried to solve the problem. Just acted crazy and his whole face changed to just being confused and he stopped for a second. I really sold it on being crazy! Samaira on May 18, 2018: Feels good. If you want to talk, pick a time when it's just the two of you. Given that the particular stress of the current moment stems from illness, this is also probably the worst possible time to be a society that uses “How are you?” “I’m fine” as the standard two-person greeting. If you ask them in front of people, they might become embarrassed and not answer honestly. Stories Questions: Your manager has experience and faced several challenges, asking him about his difficulties, aims and aspirations will let you … If I were you, that’s a bold move that’s worthy of at least a … Maybe we’re lucky enough not to be sick or dying, but any of us could be soon. And they often ask this in an initial phone screen, so you need to be ready for it. Sally ordered the wrong color! Often people who know eachother from when they were in primary school or just from the block when they were young give eachother an awkward smile instead of an happy goodday! “Health and whether a person is sick or not is monumental right now,” says Deborah Tannen, a linguistics professor at Georgetown University and the author of You’re the Only One I Can Tell: Inside the Language of Women’s Friendships. This moment has laid bare the extent to which “How are you?” is a mere pleasantry and not an honest inquiry in search of an honest answer. The innocuous “How are you?” at the start of a conversation—which is normally understood in American culture to be a polite way of expressing concern for a person’s well-being, and to which the socially agreed-upon response is “I’m good,” “I’m fine,” or “I’m doing well”—hits differently in the COVID-19 era. You might even cut to the chase and ask if they're free this weekend. By agreeing with their anger they are more open to listen too you. We need better questions to ask. You then use words to describe their feelings starting out at a 10.."fucking pissed" and gradually bringing those descriptive words and your tone down to a 2 "annoying", Works pretty much every time but there might be a little up n down in the middle just follow the person's lead while always being a level below them. Lizzie Post, a co-president of the Emily Post Institute and the great-great-granddaughter of its namesake manners expert, pointed out to me that a World War II–era edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette included a special wartime supplement, in which Post urged dinner-party hosts to abandon the established custom of serving every guest a hearty portion regardless of the size of their appetite, in order to minimize food waste. Offer assistance only if … You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number. To ask “How are you?” is either to make the conversation very gloomy, very fast or to force someone to lie straight to your face and say they’re fine. As Emily Rine Butler, who teaches linguistics at the University of Florida, explained to me in an email, the dialogue is an “adjacency pair,” or a short two-person script that is performed in a particular order. Because sometimes our friends fall off the wagon. How are we? And then we both spend a long moment gazing directly into the abyss. “Even though it looks like the person is asking an open-ended question, we treat it as a closed-ended question, in which ‘good’ or ‘fine’ is all that is ... preferred/expected,” Butler wrote. She also encouraged young women to disregard her earlier advice not to write “impulsive” letters to their “boy friends,” now that many of those boy friends were fighting in the war. I've gone out of my way to look like an idiot and smile at them forcibly over the last couple months. While I was in there, a guy came into the women’s restroom after me and started to corner me while I was backing up and absolutely terrified. Make sure you recognize this soon by directly asking this question and be cautious to ask a few questions or ask them at the right time. If you're not afraid of slipping down the Reddit advice hole, check the compilation below at your own risk - you might get addicted to these top Reddit questions and answers quickly. Being completely calm, reserved and polite only pisses people off more as you "clearly don't understand the magnitude of the situation".

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