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astonishing in a sentence

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Vercors'astonishing" You Shall Know Them," Yet more astonishing were the names of the troopers'horses. Astonishing definition, causing astonishment or surprise; amazing: an astonishing victory; an astonishing remark. The positioning of your ski binding can result in astonishing improvements in your ski skills. Given their small population, it is astonishing how many medals Norway won in the Winter Olympics. The rapidity with which wastes, composed entirely of sand newly washed forward by the current during floods, become converted into rich pasture is astonishing. In retirement she could devote herself wholly to art and science, and the opportunity of astonishing the world by the unique spectacle of a great queen, in the prime of life, voluntarily resigning her crown, strongly appealed to her vivid imagination. 2. The magic show was an astonishing display of illusions and wonder. The sole argument, though a very weighty one, is found in the undeniable relation, revealed in an astonishing similarity both in expressions and composition, which exists between these forgeries and some other documents certainly fabricated at Le Mans, under the episcopate of Aldric (832-856), notably the Actus Pontificum Cenomanis in urbe degentium, in which there is no lack of forged documents. Although wood and metal are the two most traditional and popular materials, there are many other materials that can create astonishing chess pieces. In 1653 he had made the astonishing proposal to the Dutch that England and Holland should divide the habitable globe outside Europe between them, that all states maintaining the Inquisition should be treated as enemies by both the proposed allies, and that the latter "should send missionaries to all peoples willing to receive them, to inculcate the truth of Jesus Christ and the Holy Gospel.". in length, and the masonry of the circular court is of astonishing beauty and accuracy. I enjoyed the duet Divine Influence, combining astonishing athleticism with some almost childlike movements. On the other hand, there are specimens in which the tissues of the plant have been permeated by some mineral in solution, which, subsequently setting hard, has fixed and preserved the internal structure, often with astonishing perfection of detail. nitrification; one of these, which he terms the Nitroso-bacteria., is only capable of bringing about the oxidation of the ammonia to nitrous acid, and the astonishing result was obtained that 12.42.1140, 10.01 10;3U 2.13, 2.35 2.58 4.52 3.43 :` 4.3 0 4.12 this can be done, in the dark, by bacteria to which only pure mineral salts - e.g. Astonishing example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste. 7 times. While the Assyriologists have been making these astonishing revelations, the Egyptologists have not been behindhand. ‘I find it astonishing that they ever thought it could work’ ‘The reaction of the people in the capital is astonishing.’ ‘In 1989 he competed in the London 24-hour, clocking up an astonishing 147 miles.’ A studio outtake from " Antichrist Superstar ", titled " Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes ", served as its only single. The world's seas and oceans contain an astonishing variety of animals and plants. Another word for astonishing. Chief Judge Eugene Hamilton of Superior Court called the results astonishing. It may appear at first sight astonishing that it should be possible to apply so many different assumptions to the solution of one and the same problem. But in those eight years some of the most astonishing events in history had changed the political face of Europe. The terms were that they should give hostages, that they should depart for ever from Wessex, and that their king Guthrum should do homage to Alfred as overlord, and submit to be baptized, with thirty of his chiefs, Not only were all these conditions punctually fulfilled, but (what is more astonishing) the Danes had been so thoroughly cured of any desire to try their luck against the great king that hey left him practically unmolested for fourteen years (878892). Given the astonishing popularity of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight, the emergence of the Twilight MySpace layout was inevitable. Despite early success, sales began to decline in the late 1920s after reaching the astonishing figure of two million watch sales per year. It is astonishing what squalor ghosts will live in without complaint. 1. I have found it difficult by syringing, as it has great power of resisting and … Iron Maiden; " Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes," 2. The ease with which she learns languages is astonishing. 4. 9. use "astonishing how " in a sentence A Yiddish proverb states, "It's astonishing how important a man becomes when he dies." This astonishing performance produced a gush of ; In an astonishing number of cases the some one does not come up sometime or somewhere. Because of the astonishing number of people with drug addictions, the president has established a drug prevention commission. The astonishing variety of ratios in which carbon and hydrogen combine was not at first realized. Electric Waves.-In the decade 1880-1890, the most important advance in electrical physics was, however, that which originated with the astonishing researches of Heinrich Rudolf Hertz (1857-1894). Bordewich tells the astonishing story of the most productive Congress in American history. The astonishing colours and grotesque forms of some animals and plants which the museum zoologists gravely described without comment were shown by these observers of living nature to have their significance in the economy of the organism possessing them; and a general doctrine was recognized, to the effect that no part or structure of an organism is without definite use and adaptation, being designed by the Creator for the benefit of the creature to which it belongs, or else for the benefit, amusement or instruction of his highest creature - man. 13 examples: All were termed corvettes, and travelled at an amazing speed. They were vivid, bold and astonishing - and inspired a lot of fervent copiers. He enriched the last volume of the Mélanges or Miscellanies of Berlin with five memoirs, and these were followed, with an astonishing rapidity, by a great number of important researches, which are scattered throughout the annual memoirs of the Prussian Academy. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases. Northern Michigan is home to an astonishing amount of wild growing blueberries. The astonishing work was mentioned here in the 15 December issue. The result was that their numbers grew with astonishing rapidity, and scholarly saints like Balthasar Hubmaier (ca. It is astonishing to contemplate how much he achieved, during his brief reign, in the cause of the Renaissance in both art and literature. Questions about example sentences with, and the definition and usage of "Astonishing" Meanings of words and phrases ; Example sentences; Similar words; Translations; Other types of questions; The meaning of "Astonishing" in various phrases and sentences. Recently relaunched, the car's performance on bumpy roads is little short of astonishing. High quality example sentences with “is quite astonishing” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English If I should attempt to tell how I have desired to spend my life in years past, it would probably surprise those of my readers who are somewhat acquainted with its … Example Sentences for "astonishing "The violins made by Antonio Stradivari are known for their astonishing sound quality. It is astonishing how much produce is taken off one of these small intensive gardens during the year, and especially during the worst months when prices usually run fairly high. Even a traditional ring can be made more astonishing by presenting it in a unique way: as a gift, hidden in a flower, or otherwise outside the commonplace velvet ring box. We know astonishingly little of him personally. It was amazing how much they could change in less than a week. enlightened despotism preserved to the Bohemian people at one stroke an astonishing number of distinguished and progressive spirits.". The plebiscite, ultimately held on July II, resulted in an astonishing German victory. Scatter settings have an astonishing range of designs despite their basic simplicity. 1. The new houses have been built with astonishing speed. The accuracy of the workmanship in the IVth Dynasty is astonishing. 2. The wind carried his body out at an astonishing angle, but he held on. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples I find it absolutely astonishing that you didn't like it. Questions about example sentences with, and the definition and usage of "Astonishing" Meanings of words and phrases; Example sentences; Similar words In 1831 Romagna and the Marches rose in rebellion and shook off the papal yoke with astonishing ease. by BuildMyVocab. 2. She appears as the supremely glamorous Astonishing Voodoo Priestess (very popular in Victorian sideshows, along with cannibal queens). The total amount of morphine indulged in by the habitual morphinist may reach an astonishing figure; 15 grs. It was astonishing, I thought, how so mild a check could prove so effectual. 490. The astonishing feat of photographing the bones of the living animal within the tissues soon rendered the Rontgen rays indispensable in surgery and directed an army of investigators to their study. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words. He brings his custom brand of astonishing creativity and abundant wit to Psychonauts, a Platform/Adventure game for Xbox and PS2. 3. This astonishing victory over fourfold numbers was no mere chivalrous feat of arms, it had the solid result of giving the victors a foothold in northern France. Astonish sentence examples. This was certainly one of the most astonishing revelations of finished genius ever produced by a young man of less than four-and-twenty. Example Sentences for "astonishing "The violins made by Antonio Stradivari are known for their astonishing sound quality. Examples of Astonishing in a sentence. It is probable that Defoe, with his extensive acquaintance with English history, and his astonishing power of working up details, was fully equal to the task of inventing it. Translations of the phrase ASTONISHING CITY from english to spanish and examples of the use of "ASTONISHING CITY" in a sentence with their translations: ...mastery of water fueled their astonishing city of stone. How to use "astonishing" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi. 3. Hopefully the magic show will astonish our guests and leave them amazed. Top searched words All Celebrity ships offer the same stellar service and an astonishing staff-to-passenger ratio of 1-to-2. Definition of Astoni. This astonishing announcement was followed by an excellent sermon on Christian love. The spectacle of an Eastern despot apparently advancing on the lines of European progress was in itself as astonishing as new. What does astonishing mean? Perhaps the most astonishing finding was that the effects seemed We have looked at the astonishing possibilities afforded by genomics. It is simply astonishing how fast that new guy has risen in this company. causing amaz. Examples of astonishing thing in a sentence, how to use it. Sam's vocal talents are astonishing, and she is going to sing jv's and backing vox. Yet his rationale of the tides in De Motibus Stellae is not only memorable as an astonishing forecast of the principle of reciprocal attraction in the proportion of mass, but for its bold extension to the earth of the lunar sphere of influence. It is simply astonishing how fast that new guy has risen in this company. Clarke, Charles Schuchert and others have re-entered the study of the Palaeozoic geography of the North American continent with work of astonishing precision. 215. ); so much so, that the latter agrees with another Jewish scholar in saying that "the writer seems to have been a converted Jew, whose fanatic zeal rendered him a bitter opponent of Judaism within the Christian Church.". Further, he shows an "astonishing familiarity with the Jewish rites," in the opinion of a modern Jew (Kohler in the Jewish Encycl. This ancient system of canalization was inherited from the Persians (who, in turn, inherited it from their predecessors), by the Arabs, who long maintained it in working order, and the astonishing fertility and consequent prosperity of the country watered by the Euphrates, its tributaries and its canals, is noticed by all ancient writers. But it was astonishing after that how many times he had to … 3. Use astonishing in a sentence astonishing: surprising and hard to believe. On 'the other hand, the entire parts of Pauline and Severe are beyond praise, and the manner in which the former reconciles her duty as a wife with her affection for her lover is an astonishing success. Multiplayer in Metroid Prime: Hunters is simply astonishing. It is astonishing how deceived we are in people! The Internet has made distributing music easy and has unleashed an astonishing amount of new material. Here are some examples. If you really want something astonishing, not found on the store shelves, you can always have one custom made. This is a series of extracts transcribed from a truly astonishing manuscript that was posted to me by Don Hoggarth of Bothell, WA. The font at Wittenberg, decorated with reliefs of the apostles, was the work of the elder Vischer, while Peter and his son produced, among other important works, the shrine of St Sebald at Nuremberg, a work of great finish and of astonishing richness of fancy in its design. But what's astonishing is still the quiet domesticity of the story and its telling. Learn the definition of the word "astonishing" and how to use astonishing in a sentence. The recent exploration and excavation of early sites in Crete have entirely revolutionized our knowledge of its Early, remote past, and afforded the most astonishing E Middle evidence of the existence of a highly advanced and Late civilization going far back behind the historic period. ; Pursued with relentless vigor at last their escape is effected in an astonishing manner. Starts with a, ends with g, seven consonants, four vowels and four syllables. 3. The band considerably changed its approach to songwriting and recording on this record, and the results were astonishing. Numerous coincidences with the Indian religion survive in Zoroastrianism, side by side with astonishing diversities. The world is becoming more educated at an amazing rate. It is simply astonishing how fast that new guy has risen in this company. All Rights Reserved. The magic show was an astonishing display of illusions and wonder. . In strong contrast to the poverty of Brazil in the larger mammals is the astonishing profusion of insect life in every part of the country. I also see the pace of problem solving—and change in general—accelerating at an astonishing rate. Meanwhile the Austrian forces closed round the city; but Manin showed an astonishing power of organization, in which he was ably seconded by the Neapolitan general, Guglielmo Pepe. The causes of this astonishing success, which, in the brief space of a single generation, raised a previously obscure and secluded tribe to the mastery of the whole Orient, can only be Arms and partially discerned from the evidence at our disposal. An astonishing diversity of life dwells in the crystal-clear pools that format low tide along America's Pacific coast. But this Mogul visitation was most calamitous; forty persons, indeed, are stated to have alone survived the general massacre of 1232, and as a similar catastrophe overtook the city at the hands of Timur in 1398, when the local dynasty of Kurt, which had succeeded the Ghorides in eastern Khorasan, was put an end to, it is astonishing to find that early in the 15th century Herat was again flourishing and populous, and the favoured seat of the art and literature of the East. 29) though only a minute figure in ivory, shows the character of immense energy and will; the face is an astonishing portrait to be expressed in a quarter of an inch. The African continent is home to an astonishing geographical and cultural diversity.. Be sure that the ring will not come in contact with any of the chocolates: the oils will dull the stone's glitter and make the presentation less astonishing. Here are some examples. And for all its extreme heaviness, disjointedness and chaos, it's executed with such a perfect sense of synchronization it's astonishing. It was, above all, his new reading of old characters which demanded attention, if not always approval: Cicero, the favourite of men of letters, was for him "a journalist in the worst sense of the word"; Pompey, the hero of Plutarch and the Moralists, was brushed aside as a mere drill-sergeant; and the book culminated in the picture of Caesar, who established absolute rule in the name of democracy, "the complete and perfect man.". The duck-billed platypus is an even more astonishing animal. Though Japan is far removed from western Europe, and though a few generic forms and still fewer families inhabit the one without also frequenting the other, yet there is a most astonishing similarity in a large portion of their respective birds. That he should speak to you like that is quite, 6. use "astonishing how " in a sentence A Yiddish proverb states, "It's astonishing how important a man becomes when he dies." High quality example sentences with “is quite astonishing” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Because the fashion designer tends to use dull colors, he probably won’t astonish anyone with his lackluster summer collection. More Sentences: 1 2 3 Astonish sentence examples. Questions about example sentences with, and the definition and usage of "Astonishing" Meanings of words and phrases; Example sentences; Similar words; Translations; Other types of questions; The meaning of "Astonishing" in various phrases and sentences. fighter's astonishing physique of the rio than one million locals for the. This book would have been astonishing as the production of a youth of twenty-one, even if, since the death of Byron six years before, there had not been a singular dearth of good poetry in England.

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