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how to keep pond water clear without a filter

January 16, 2021 by  
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I have various questions, all to see if I can cut down on the gunk & need for so much filter-cleaning. Pond plants will compete with algae for nutrients and help prevent them growing, as well as provide natural water filtration by removing excess nutrients which can cloud water. Warm climate conditions will promote algal growth in the pond. In terms of off-the-shelf aerators, this Blagdon model was one of the best I could find (up to 11,000 liters with fish – which isn’t bad!) I dont have a lot of money but bought a second hand 160 x 160 fibreglass pond. Less number of fish means less waste. Also we’ve only ever filled it back up with rain water from our water butts is this ok? It will take some time but surely work. However, your pond is quite large, and a single carp is unlikely to be the main cause here. Without filtration, regular water changes to remove excess waste substances are one of the best ways to achieve this goal. A bit of bottom sludge is good for a pond as it acts as a natural fertilizer, but too much can cause water clarity problems, so we recommend cleaning out a layer of sludge at least once a year to combat this. Fish are rudd and tench plus one larger common carp about 4lbs weight. For larger models, you’d need to contact specialist retailers as they’re not so readily accessible in the UK. When you overfeed your fish, the excess food rots in the pond and hampers the water quality. Therefore, when you don’t want to install a filter you have to keep the number of fish equal or bellow the recommended number. These are much smaller than most minnow species (especially species such as fathead minnows), so you can stock more per gallon of water, and they also love eating all kinds of insect larvae! In-fact, for a wildlife pond without a filter, we’d say at least 60% of your pond should be populated by pond plants for maximum benefits. When the amount of waste is less, the pond environment itself can keep the water clean. I’ve never used the PondHero vacs, but the reviews look ok. Just be sure to check the specification sheet to ensure the pole length and suction depth is adequate for your size of pond! – And I also saw your link about the Pond Fishes that eats larvae to prevent mosquitoes. You can safely change up to 30% of the total water volume in the pond without negatively affecting the fish or plants. Laren, Hi pond informer Taneesha here i want to know how to keep the pond clean without usng a filter because we are building a natural resorse pond with fishes. Obviously plants, wildlife and fish all require some muck to survive, but simply cleaning a small area around the filter and pump may be all that’s needed to prevent major clogging. The main reason why you may have been recommended to leave your filter on in winter isn’t so much for waste compounds, but for aeration and oxygen. Sounds like a very interesting project! For prevention, we recommend installing a high quality pond net which will help catch fallen leaves and twigs before they can sink in the pond and contribute to sludge. If you use tap water for pond, make sure you dechlorinate it before adding into the pond as it may contain a considerable amount of chlorine which is deadly for the fish. What species of fish are spawning? Green water is caused by algae, and there are a number of simple ways you can tackle the problem. Keeping Ponds Clean Without Filters – Is it Possible? These plants will help to keep the pond water balanced and clear without the need for an extra filter. Flow will stop insects laying eggs in the water, which will contribute to waste, and will also provide more oxygen for beneficial bacteria to break down waste. I plan to convert an unused hot tub into a pond/water garden, relying largely on aquatic plants to keep the ecosystem healthy. 4. My only advice would be to also consider a concrete sealer, such as “G4 Pond Sealer”, which will provide a protective outer layer to prevent potential leeching or deterioration. A thin layer of slime is fine, but in my opinion, it’s often better to clean a little too much than too little, as bacteria will re-colonise clean media extremely quickly in a established pond, but will struggle if the surface is covered in gunk. After a few weeks of having a new pond bacteria will begin to naturally colonize the pond, usually living on the pond liner and throughout the bottom muck that slowly builds. Benefits: Reduces excess nutrients, controls algae growth, and removes tannin (color) producing matter. Although Oase vacuums are expensive, I’ve operated them for years and years with heavy use, and can vouch for their reliability. It is 2 feet deep. An aerator does not need to stretch the whole system, as the dissolved oxygen will spread naturally and a smaller one should still be strong enough (assuming pond depth matches aerator spec!) 6. I’m very glad to hear the site has been helpful to you! Very happy to hear the article was useful to you! This process is called the nitrogen cycle, and will occur in all ponds with enough oxygen, organic waste, and room for bacteria to populate. This is a more natural type of filter which works by slowly pumping water through a concentrated section of plants, which will work to absorb substances as the water passes through.

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