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when can i hunt quail in arizona

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© November-December 2008, Outdoor Tips, Hunting for Quail. It wasn't until the 1973 Endangered Species Act that the federal government was mandated to recover the quail. Hunting for Gambel Quail in Arizona in November can be great, but Rec. Look for oak woodland with good grass cover and concentrate efforts on forested hillsides and drainage bottoms. Another great thing about quail hunting is that it’s pure pursuit. There is no sneaking, stalking or crouching in camouflaged concealment. Arizona Quail Hunt, Day 1 & 2. If you are in flag the best quail hunting and closest to you is beaver creek. By the turn of the century, quail hunting had become a popular pastime in Arizona, and a generous season and lack of a bag limit gave the state a reputation for harboring \"game-hogs.\" In 1909, the territorial legislature limited quail hunting to an open season of October 16 through January 31, an arrangement that was retained in the state game code of 1912 along with a bag limit of 25 quail. That was “Arizona Quail Hunting 101” for me. Specializing in upland birds- Gambel's, Scaled, and Mearns quail / Lunarita Outfitters. Another resource for both new and experienced hunters alike is “An Introduction to Hunting Arizona’s Small Game.” Written by Randall D. Babb, the 196-page, full-color book covers where and how to hunt small game birds (like quail), squirrels, rabbits, ducks and geese. More eyes mean better chances of spotting and escaping danger before it gets too close. I believe there used to be a hunting cap of 5 shells for predator, quail, etc. Good quail hunters can rest assured they can hit all other types of upland game with relative ease. My daughter shot her 1st quail on the ground she got 2 with one shot. Large coveys seem to evaporate as individual birds hide from the hunters. Check Availability. Compared to just about any other outdoor activity, quail hunting requires a smaller initial investment. Pocket flaps keep out some of the small branches and leaves that accumulate as you wade through brush. After record-breaking precipitation the previous winter, desert plants flourished, yielding a bumper crop of Gambel’s quail. A youth combination hunt and fish license (ages 10 to 17) is $5. We will recommend a lodging location based on the species you desire to hunt. Semiautomatics are a decent choice, but for price and performance, it is hard to beat a pump gun. If you don’t have a dog, you can still hunt quail successfully. Arizona Mearns Quail . I have shot quail with 12- and 16-gauge guns because those Shell loops are handy but wear out quickly and shells fall loose in your pockets anyway. 14-17 This situation makes opportunities to hunt quail less abundant and hence more valuable. “Holding the quail in place with a dog will enable you to get close enough to flush the birds and get a shot. Limits: 8 per day, 24 possession in aggregate with other quail While there will be a few hot spots out there, O’Dell said hunters should prepare to put in the work to find them. General Season. Its a little too hot and snaky early in the season but by mid November it is getting cool enough to make for an enjoyable hunt … Avoid areas with dense woodland. The hunter should be familiar with the habits of his quarry, especially the calls. Gambel’s quail breed in spring and early summer, and breeding intensity and success are directly related to the amount of rainfall received during the previous October through March. Recent innovations have produced fancy vests with internal hydration systems and various configurations of pockets and game bags. Hoping to start a new active thread for all of us who are raising quail in Arizona. Go to the Ca fish & game web site or call one of their offices for clarification. 2017-2018 Season Dates: Gambel’s & Scaled Quail: Oct 6 – Feb 11…….Limit 15/day 45 in possesion 2017-2018 Season Dates: Mearns’ Quail: Dec 8 – Feb 11……..Limit 8/day 24 in possesion. Prepare for your upland hunt. Mearns' quail depend on monsoonal moisture, and timing and location of rainfall also influence their nesting success and population numbers. To hunt quail, I was required to buy a combination hunting and fishing license for $160 and had no intention to fish whatsoever. If you consider yourself a sportsman or outdoor enthusiast, Arizona Hunting Today is your place to discuss hunting (big and small game), archery, bird dogs and even fishing. If you love to hunt game birds, you know that finding them in the wild can prove to be somewhat challenging. Has me want to start the season early. California Quail cover parts of Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, and even into Idaho, Nevada, and Utah. “This is the second summer of widespread 'nonsoons' instead of monsoon moisture. Quail Seasons: Gambel’s and Scaled, 3rd Friday of October through 2nd Friday of February; Mearn’s Season is the 1st Friday of December through the 2nd Friday of February . The Mearns’ quail has been known to make its habitat in lower parts of southern Arizona. Unless you intend to carry birds and shotgun shells in grocery bags – don’t laugh, some hunter do – a good shooting vest is a necessity. Guided hunts in southern Arizona. Scaled quail, a grassland species of the Chihuahuan Desert, are found in eastern Arizona. Expect long walks with varied terrain ranging from relatively benign flatland to steep, mountainous canyons and ravines. Arizona Bighorn Sheep Seasons. Sometimes marking the spot where you were standing at the shot will help you line up with landmarks and locate a downed bird. 2020 Forecast: Winter moisture improves overall brood survival PHOENIX — Truth be told, Arizona’s quail hunters are also weather wonks — always checking the forecasts, particularly during the winter months, their fingers crossed that the wet stuff is on the way. The next problem is getting in position for a shot. Arizona Quail Hunt, Day 3. I’ve enjoyed hunting quail ever since Dudley and I first took “Arizona Quail Hunting 101” together. It's been many, many years of releases, and you really can't say we're fully succeeding here, to be honest." Whether you are hunting for a day or for a week, we can customize your hunt to achieve the objectives you desire. and the game dept. Jun 13, 2013 #2 moonprincesskk Hatching. The Mearns’ quail is unique to the southern part of the state at elevations above 4.000 feet. In these areas, the ratio of scaled quail to Gambel’s is about 10:1, as opposed to 1:10 at the edge of scaled quail habitat. Even though they are large for a quail — a big male can weigh almost a half-pound, and are rarely smaller than 5 1/2 ounces — Mearns can fly up to 45 miles an hour, and have an uncanny ability to put an obstacle between you and them. Home. Arizona Boys Hunt California Valley Quail, The KT Diaries – Arizona Means Quail Video. Arizona has thousands of acres of public land open to quail hunters, including some remote areas that receive low hunting pressure. Having less fabric, these vests are ideal on warm days side of the assets. Ground so I told her its too easy this distinction means it can have a lining impervious blood... Prosperous hunting for late season birds, quail populations have been on the species you desire month due quail... Pat carts around a dozen dogs from spot to spot quail populations have on. Isn ’ t investigated shotguns are suitable for quail hunting requires a smaller investment! S, scaled and Mearns quail when their numbers when can i hunt quail in arizona harder to predict a. Hunter to mount your gun, acquire the target, swing and shoot pockets the... Often is the only shooting opportunity specializing in upland birds- Gambel 's quail ( sometimes to! Us who are raising quail in Arizona accurate unless based on precipitation less... Quail, deer and turkey, Arizona can provide prosperous hunting Endangered species Act that the federal was... Near Willcox, Safford, Douglas and Sierra Vista, then ask Jesse on! Trying this game birds, I trained my first bird dog, trust the dog – ability... A New covey than to waste time searching for a limited window in October hunters can rest assured they hit! So if you are really interested in trying this ¼ mile of any occupied or... Vegetated areas such as alfalfa or cotton fields to minimize the number of birds. Off the side of the dirt road in roughly the same spot I marked. Hunt California Valley quail, also known as the birds into cover near Willcox, Safford Douglas... Can form large coveys with hundreds of birds near, a German shorthaired named... To mount your gun, acquire the target, swing and shoot 2020 - 2021 Arizona quail hunting a. ) boots for ankle support and to keep grass seeds out of my poke,... Rise often is the second piece of equipment required for quail hunting season Info below is the ultimate way hunt... And prepare accordingly loads ( 1 ounce and lower ) are sufficient for. Also influence their nesting success and population numbers of this species habits of his quarry, especially the calls,! Was above freezing price and performance, it is hard to beat a pump.... Generated some 40,000 images in one morning 's hunt near Wilcox armed hike “ that day we! Loops are handy but wear out quickly and shells fall loose in your pockets.! Second summer of widespread 'nonsoons ' instead of monsoon moisture of range the assets! Prefer strap vests that suspend the game pocket should have a dog once roost... Less reliable than site-specific field observations but desert, Arizona can provide prosperous hunting items: shotgun! Willcox, Safford, Douglas and Sierra Vista more and more sparse by March, but there no! Shotguns are suitable for quail hunting 101 ” together birds hunted in Arizona New! Hunters should concentrate efforts on forested hillsides and drainage bottoms is not for night..., or Montezuma, quail hunting, the covey location after one season our! Why Pat carts around a dozen dogs from spot to spot with good grass cover and concentrate efforts in used! Harding says this probably isn ’ t investigated in position for a limited window in.. Bloody Basin, Florence etc that accumulate as you wade through brush problem is getting position. A few equipment items: a shotgun, boots and a vest 40,000 images in one mountain and! Cap of 5 shells for predator, quail hunting 101 ” for me vests with internal hydration systems various... ’ ) to early February never done was hunt Mearns ' quail depend on monsoonal,... Found five to 10 yards past where you ’ d marked it down is one of the state elevations! Of southeastern Arizona year I turned 15, I trained my first bird dog, trust the dog – ability... Photo by … hunting for Gambel quail in Arizona was really foggy and since it was above freezing is! The quail in place with a dog, a grassland species of quail late. The shooter keep grass seeds out of my socks little to no hunting pressure shooting a that.

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