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the office finale song

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Love Pretty sure it’s Ryan and Kelly’s wedding. But now that I think about it, Michael Scott wouldn’t miss Dwight’s wedding. The talent that was poured into this show was amazing. I want to see them together so bad. That makes sense. Question….did Toby and Meredith end up together? My 5 year old son used to cry when he walked in and saw the office on…AGAIN!!! Thank you to all of the writers, the actors, the creators and Tanster for all of the joy that you’ve given all of us. I will miss the show but I will continue to love the reruns. Andy and Erin would be a miracle Wendy–I agree! I was so, so excited for you!! You have brought some joy to all our lives with your body of work. Overall, as wonderful as I could have hoped the finale would be! Creed Bratton (born William Charles Schneider, February 8, 1943) is an American character actor, singer, and musician.He is a former member of the rock band the Grass Roots, and is best known for playing a fictionalized version of himself on the NBC sitcom The Office, which earned him five nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series Sometimes I still watch it on TV here in Chile. Like a few other people here, I’ve never posted on here but felt the need to comment. To gear up for The Office's swan song, John Krasinski produced a series of farewell videos for NBC featuring interviews with cast members and past stars who have dropped by. I loved everything about it. I’m planning to have a few friends over for the finale. Now that it’s over though, I really wish I could rewind time. It taught me that big gestures are nice, but those little moments meant for no one to see – when you quietly give someone a part of your day, look out for them from afar, or say that one tiny thing that saves their life – are the moments that make me believe in people. Six Feet Under versus The Office care of It may sound crazy, but this show made me feel like I had a family through hard times. Loved the comment describing the finale as ’emotionally magnificent.’ Screamed when Steve showed up – so satisfying. Tanster, congrats on your part in the show, and bringing so much great coverage to the Tally Heads all of these years, you deserve nothing but success going forward. \"Celebration\" by Kool & the Gang - Michael recites the lyrics at the start of Mr. Brown's seminar. 1. I have never reacted so emotionally to a television show like I have with The Office. So with that in mind, I think I will take Jim’s approach when he said, “You know what I think we should do? 4. Thursday nights won’t ever be the same. I’ll miss you The Office. Grilling accident, perhaps? In one of the beginning scenes did anyone else think the guy sitting across from Phyllis’ desk where Stanley used to sit looked like Dave Chappelle? This was a really uneven season but I’m glad they pulled everything together for an amazing final string of episodes, and I can’t even begin to imagine a more satisfying finale than this. if andy buckley is guest starring, i’ll predict he somehow plays a part in jim’s employment OUTSIDE of dunder mifflin. Just to say that 200 characters can not express what this show has meant to me. UUUUGH, the finale is getting closer and closer. I don’t wanna stay. Out of all of the tear-worthy moments, I think that one that got me was when Phyllis said, “I’ve worked at a paper company for 16 years, and never thought to write anything down.”. I’m so heartbroken the show is over but what a great send off!!!! I can’t thank everyone enough for all the: passion, work and heart/soul that they put into absolutely every aspect of this show ~ for it is the best show with the best cast/crew/fans ever! Let’s make May 16th, the best night ever, full of reminicing and remembering the good times we all shared while watching The Office :-). After finishing The Office, Jennifer Garner posted an Instagram video of her tear-filled reaction to the finale. Such a callback to those two being slobs! A show that touched so many. Huge thank yous to Greg Daniels for creating the most endearing TV characters of all time and to Tanster for giving the fans a place to gather and commiserate. This show has to get an Emmy nomination at LEAST. To those who say the show should have ended after Goodbye, Michael, I say watch this episode. I’m still at “WOW”….Thank you, NBC-TV’s “THE OFFICE”!! Tanster, you were in Company Picnic?!?!? Michael came back! Here Are the Lyrics to ‘The Office’s “9 Million 986 Thousand Minutes” Song . I loved Wallace’s answer on the panel — “It was like watching a documentary about how your food is made. Michael Scott’s going to appear in the series finale! 99Josh, you can’t put it any better than that. [from tanster: thank you for being a long-time tallyhead! PHOTOS: 'The Office' Stars Look Back on Nine Seasons of Dunder Mifflin. Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child o’ Mine played during Angela and (Phyllis’) march down the aisle. We watched the end of S4 together and I was hooked. This was one of the greatest series finales I have ever seen. And, of course, Michael … it just wouldn’t have been right without him. Television will NEVER be the same. Way to go out with a bang! I loved that Dwight and Angela got married because they belonged together. What were they thinking? Did I miss something, though? Just read they’re supersizing this by an extra 15 mins!!!!! What a truly well-deserved honor. @106 So glad things tied up so nicely. This is a series-ender as unwieldy as The Office itself, and one that doesn’t hesitate in exposing the show’s big ol’ heart. Spot on. Would like to think Erin and Pete kept dating. Just watched, can’t believe it’s over. – Jim riding to work on his bike, Pam’s Irish mural unveiling, Dwight’s outdoor Japanese exercises, – Phyllis’ talking head about fattening up the new Stanley, – Tobey and Nellie’s arrivals at the airport and talking head moments, – At the bar, Kevin’s five “wells” and his line to Dwight about getting that number right. (And poor Nellie will probably end up in jail for trying to take the baby to Poland!). THANK YOU Tanster for everything. Congrats to the cast and crew on 9 seasons. I loved it! I kept it together for most of it, but when Michael was showing Pam pictures of his kids, I totally lost it. It’s very hard to say goodbye and to realize that I won’t have this “mini-celebration” to look forward to every Thursday night. I will miss this show so much! There is no way that I could say how much I enjoyed this episode and stay within my 200 word limit, so I will just say it was perfection. But I think it would be a great way for him/The Office to be honored. Just to prepare myself for the end, to remind myself of why I fell in love with the people of Dunder Mifflin before things changed. I wish they brought back Karen, Kathy, or the guy Michael fired in The Merger. Happiness was created as a by-product out of your project. When I clean the house or do laundry I have an episode playing in the background. Great finale, perfect mix of emotion and humor 10/10 and bittersweet to see it go. It’s not the best or even the funniest show, but I love it. A satisfying ending to a wonderful show! Their emotion, you could feel it, now that is a series finale. Seriously, if someone thinks another show wrapped up better please point me to it so I can experience again this level of joy – this was just absolute perfection. It’s the end of an era. NBC’s The Office wrapped up nine seasons of documenting the life and times of the employees at Scranton’s Dunder-Mifflin paper company.. No spoilers about Thursday night’s finale here. It has to end at a party anyway, right? 1600 Penn’s season ends on March 28, Parks and Rec ends on May 2 and Community on May 9. Well… that was just magnificent. My only criticism is the last 15 minutes did seem to drag out. It was as damn close as any show that’s ever aired on TV. I just wish there was some Jell-O, but I cannot at all complain about Finale whatsoever. What a nice, simple touch. I’m so happy that my favorite show ever took my out on the happiest tear. After nine seasons, the veteran NBC comedy will say goodbye for good with a one-hour retrospective followed by the supersized series finale Thursday. This was King of callbacks. Missed opportunity. Also, I LOLed at the Harry Potter line and I didn’t even know who it was when I saw it. I think there were too many characters throughout the show to really “bring” them back for a finale. Never in my dreams could I have thought this finale the way it was filmed. Pam: “About 2 months.” I’ve watched The Office since the airing of the first episode. I’m sure you knew. Dwight: What, are you going to whack me, Jim? They did an excellent job. I thought Spencer Daniels was Greg’s son. I hope someone somewhere has the good sense to hire you for this line of work!! Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica…. I have to say this is exactly what I was looking for. i’m still hung up on jim owning the bike shop (s8) and pam’s house with a terrace (s2)…..even if it just means that jim puts a few flower pots on the patio of the house they have now. I love you, The Office. So many incredible moments, including –, “My job is to speak to clients on the phone about quantities and type of copier paper. Dwight: You can’t be anything but happy on your wedding day. It (the show) went out PERFECTLY. A beautiful era. that it says Dwight plans on proposing to Esther? I was a hot mess from the time Michael appeared to the end of the episode. Now I just have to wait a few decades for the reunion episode. And viewers like you. Wow, just finished watching the episode. does anyone know if there was jello but it just went unnoticed like it was a little easter egg or maybe there is a deleted scene with jello?? So it’s possible he is eligible, but he wasn’t listened in the guest stars for the finale press release, and I didn’t watch the credits, so I’m not sure. Screamed when I saw Tanster! Thank you, Tanster, for this site. [ from tanster: still in denial. serendipity? Besides, the kid is probably in better hands now :). Everyone had their moment. Thanks Tanster for making this website I’ve been checking for 8 years! May 16 would be an hour of repeats and then an hour of The Office. Jim: You remember my two lap band surgeries, right? . Thanks Tanster for a great time. To be honest, I haven’t watched the show for two seasons prior to the finale. It would take so long to describe how much I loved the episode. So great. Unlike "the good one" (Wendy), Jake lives with his mother. I don’t wanna post any spoilers…but what more could you ask for? Despite a stern warning from Gareth and wise words from Keith in Accounts, Tim can't help but get his hopes up again. I’m so sad that it’s over but I’m also happy to know that it will always be there to put that smile back on my face. Just perfect. He was the reason this show made it beyond the first year, into one of the most popular shows on TV, and the reason it lasted so long. Just watched it again. Any chance Ed B and Joan G are leads in something Andy is doing, and he *does* succeed? Dwight: Complimentary hay hooks are placed along the aisles. I was hoping to see Michael and Toby have a little interaction, but overall it wrapped up very nicely. Don’t even know how else to put it in words. Perfection. Thank you. I am glad they were able to come together. –Loved Greg Daniels getting in the group photo in the warehouse! Ha! First off, I am glad that they did not bring back too many people, as the episode was able to focus on the main cast. Michael scott is getting old! Jim: I bike to work now. Renewing wedding vows for Jim and Pam would be disappointing. absolutely loved seeing all the classic guest stars! So happy for everyone’s endings :). I screeched with delight to see Michael at the wedding! It’s what he always wanted. There’s a reason he’s the last person seen in the show. Also the cold open with Kevin being fired was HUGE shocker of a way to start the episode :O. Even though I knew Steve C would be back, I still ended up sobbing (literally, it was sad). Lol. Toby: I have six roommates. I love and will miss all of you and your insight. You’re absolutely right. I mean; their wedding was already perfect. Man I’m gonna miss this show. Dwight’s wedding ring will be in jello! Dwight: A bazooka. I found it years ago and I’ve been reading it after each episode has aired. Thank you all for nine wonderful years and an amazing conclusion. I cried a little at the end of the Retrospective, I cried a lot when Michael appeared, and finally, I cried when Andy started talking about the good ‘ole days… and I’ve been crying ever since. I have watched the The Office since the pilot aired and it has truly given me so many fond memories. My top salesman, Jim Halpert, was best man at my wedding. Side note, my aunt and I started a weight loss journey a few months ago and I set up a mock ‘Weight Loss’ episode set up. Everything was absolutely perfect. The Office finale didn’t just bring back past regulars Michael Scott, Kelly, and Ryan.The 75-minute closer also paraded out classic bygone bit players (Mose! I haven’t been on this site for a while, but after seeing Jennie on the finale I felt compelled to leave a comment for the first time in a long time, and probably for the last time. Oh my gosh — this completely blew away my expectations. What happened to the Scranton Strangler reveal? We’ll never see these characters again. I started watching at episode 1 when we ordered Netflix 2 years ago last February. On another note, did anybody else notice that Kevin only said “Well” 5 times? He was in the finale which is what mattered. This show'll be missed!! Still reading through everyone’s touching comments…up to #400! 2. Puddles. Amazing finale. Every single character is interesting. Even if they don’t somehow get Steve Carell into the finale, I’m going to make a prediction now that there will be a “That’s What She Said” moment to take his place. I’m not a big tv watcher but I have followed The Office from the start. The Holly part actually made me weep hot ugly tears. \"Little Drummer Boy\" - Dwight sings it at his desk. I’m so looking forward to see this episode tonight. Nothing will ever replace The Office, but Parks & Recreation is an offshoot of sorts. It’s been an amazing journey and I can’t thank you enough for letting us all see The Office through your eyes and insight. Perfection! “The weddings are a bleak affair.” I loved that they stood in their graves. I’ve watched this show a lot and have all the DVD sets. I loved to see the whole crew of “the office” take a picture in front of the mural. Those were Pam Beesly-Halpert's parting words to the documentary crew on the series finale of The Office . What really stands out about your site, and my fellow beloved Tallyheads, is what a beautiful community you’ve built. Nice thought, but the show ended on a perfect note (why risk it?). I want it to be Dwight and Angela’s wedding so bad. Tanster didn’t see Steve Carell ON SET and she didn’t see any wedding filming (although that’s kind of unfortunate, I thought you might make a cameo like in Company Picnic)?? Going into its final episodes The Office was trading in a lot of sentimentality and nostalgia; it seemed impossible that they wouldn't bring back Michael Scott to give us an extra dose of it. In a poll conducted May 16-20, 2013, Tallyheads rated this episode: 9.58/10, Manually transcribed by tanster, 1:24am Friday May 17 :). I hope there’s an extended version and that the complete series will hit blu-ray now. Told my self I wasn’t gonna cry but that ending just got to me. I knew it was going to be an emotional day, but what I felt – especially as I watched and right after it ended – was just overwhelming. It was great being able to read all the comments here before and after every show. Oldest story in the book. I wish I had just waited until after work to watch it, because some of the things were spoiled. And I cheered for Tanster (so loud it scared my dog!). This and other moments (particularly Erin’s parents) did sort of feel like things were wrapping up a little too conveniently, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. A lot more thoughts to write but I have to take a little time to compose the rest of my thoughts. And your site scratched my Office itch! Erin’s parents approached her using the name Erin, though Erin’s first name is Kelly. Did you guys notice that in Jim’s talking head from the finale ad that Stanley isn’t in his seat? WHAT A GREAT ENDING TO A GREAT SHOW! It felt indicative of us hardcore fans who stayed with the show all these years, even through the rough patches. Otherwise, JFC, that was brutally beautiful. Think what you want about the past few seasons, but the finale was perfect. I cried, I laughed. Couldn’t believe it actually made my eyes well up at moments… just wonderful. Tanster, congrats on your role! Dwight and Esther nobody wants this Awesome finale! Thanks you guys 1. I was very skeptical coming mid-April that they would wrap up the story but this episode was on the scale of a Season 2 episode. …. Simona: In the episode where Dwight plays second life, Jim does the good ol jello prank on Dwight’s rocket launcher. This episode was already like a reunion. I can’t start watching at 9:00, because Shavuot ends at 9:2?. Thursday night will never be the same. I’m so glad that JAM got their happy ending. I was so excited to see Jen Celotta and your name, Tanster, in the beginning credits! As part of the series Tales of the Early Internet, I was delighted to be interviewed by Mashable about OfficeTally’s impact on the Office. But mostly happy tears. @Zarion Kreena – actually now that you mention it, Joan Cusack looks something like Erin…do you think she could be her biological mother? The Harry Potter line was hilarious! Thursday's series finale saw the Dunder Mifflin gang back together one year after their PBS documentary aired. That’s all I can say. The series ends with the start of the wedding ceremony, and camera focusing on Dwight and Angela exchanging loving glances, leaving the audience to conclude that they ultimately find happiness in the coming months as well. I cant even remember parts of the episode because I was crying so hard. It was perfect. Life without Thursday Office episodes will be hard. Through all the good and bad, they are a family that loves each other. 5. Does Stanley retire? Twitter: @insidethetube. Tanster, i have “silently” followed OT since season 3, sorry it took so long to comment. Pretty please!! I will seriously miss this show SO much. All of the characters got the closure that they deserved, even Michael with his “family plan” that made me laugh and cry so hard. Thanks to Tanster for such a wonderful website and to the entire cast, crew and writers of The Office. I know there’s been posts before on this, but I’m having trouble finding them. And then they married each other. they ALL were a class act. Thanks for the memories, everybody. Was he credited? :’). All I can say is that it felt like opening a gift. I didn’t know it existed til now!) I like that they followed that through but now they’re reaching for a little more. It really was a great finale, and not all shows usually end well. Perfect. I’m so happy Michael came back, and I’m so happy with how Jim and Pam’s story wrapped up. OMG I HOPE THIS IS TRUE!!!! Jackie Gleason’s Ralph Kramden and Carrol O’Connor’s Archie Bunker. The finale was beautiful. Thanks for all your hard work Tanster! Since we know Greg Daniels reads these comments. You all are great and a big round of applause to TANSTER! We have all loved these characters & actors as if we knew them personally and this is what I will miss the most about the office and this amazing website you have given us! Pam’s talking head where she was telling other women what they could get out of her story absolutely destroyed me. Pete: No one recognizes me, but now all my friends call me Plop. I loved it when the crowd chanted for Andy. 85/Grace: Ahh, but Dwangela did, several times over. Was one of my favorite places to visit. David Rogers revealed his identity in the Q&A on OfficeTally this week. Finally got through all the comments! It’s the end of an era. I was really hoping for a glimpse of Michael Scott. Tim's world is rocked when Dawn turns up at the office to say hello. And, yes, plenty of callbacks for loyal fans of the show. Best Show Ever! You were amazing on the show – congrats! I think taking all things into account it is safe to say Dwight is getting married though. Perfect in every way. I’m going to miss seeing the DM gang on my tv every week. Other than that and IMHO a few wasted, precious episodes this season, I love the way this is all coming together. A perfect ending to a wonderful show. The only thing that confused me was how Dwight fired Toby. Also, I loved the cats for wedding gifts! He just slipped it in right at the end! How many of you were thinking Ben Franklin before Meredith’s son walked in? There was a photo of Mindy Kaling in a black dress for her role in the Finale at one point, even though she supposedly prefers to wear white to a wedding… so maybe it’s her wedding to Ryan. 2 Download on iTunes - Rock and Roll, Pt. This was a one of the greatest ensemble casts in sit- com history. The Office has always been my “comfort” show. I think that Angela and the Senator probably had their marriage annuled by that point. Jenna, I WILL still be watching this in 10 years. This was a perfect finale and I was so happy to see Michael at the end, I teared up. am i the only one who really really wanted something with jello? Watch the mockumentary sitcom about the everyday lives of the workers at Dunder Mifflin, a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. | California Privacy Rights What a beautiful finale. It really hurt and yet felt really good (…that’s what she said.) I feel bad for taking the show for granted because it once helped me get through a dark period in my life just by being such a heartwarming distraction. Foe me, it was during my husband’s deployment to Afghanistan for 15 months. –Steve’s appearance was sublime! Oh but Ryan’s son abandoned – he is still a worm. In a sense we we all know people like these characters. [ from tanster: i did say both those things. A finale that didn’t disappoint. I can’t believed he resolved all plot lines in such a short amount of time without rushing anything. Meredith takes Jake with her to work on Take Your Daughter to Work Day because he had been suspended from school. With Andy rediscovering his calm, caring side and Erin finding her parents. That’s what she said. Without him there would be no JAM. I screamed at harry potter and Michael. It’s like having two full time jobs and you and the fan base have made a difference in the show’s success. I can’t wait for the wedding of: I am very happy in my life. It was fitting for them, but just felt like a sore thumb. Everything that was promised was delivered and then some. Like several others, I have not posted before. Best Finale Ever! That’s what she said. I was enjoying the end of the Office free of any tears…until tonight. Tanster, the “good ol’ days” don’t have to end! What a finale! Laughed and cried numerous times. Maybe it was a callback to crime aid – maybe not – but being an avid fan of both the show and Springsteen – I loved the two worlds meeting – I felt the same when Andy while skating asked the rink DJ to play only deep cuts by DMB and he played Ants Marching – Minister: As is traditional to the Schrutes, the lovers are standing in their own graves, as a reminder that this is the only escape from what they are about to do. I will miss you. Just catching us up on their lives. I also loved Andy’s redemption when the crowd Rit-dit-dit-di-dooed, Kevin as a Bartender, all the Creed moments, and the Ryan and Kelly exit just to name a few. One year later, Dunder Mifflin employees past and present reunite for a panel discussion about the documentary and to attend Dwight and Angela's wedding. That seems like something that could happen because of the documentary. A nice ending to a show that will only get better with time in syndication. I only recently got back into the office after I stopped watching early in season 8. It’s Jim and Pam renewing their wedding vows. comments, but The Finale was pure perfection on every level. This was probably the best episode they could have done for the finale. I was really hoping Toby’s happy ending would have been Dwight having the office tested for radon. I’m all for anything with Mose in it. This has probably been said many times in these 500 (wow!) Thank you for 9 great seasons, and thanks for what was a clear nod to the fanbase at the end. Wow, there are no words. Wouldn’t it be fun if Dwight had Jim’s car covered in Jell-0? Also loved the mural unveiling scene, Jenna nailed it out of the park with her sincere, genuine manner. Tons of unexpected surprises were brilliantly choreographed and woven together to produce such a beautiful result. Does anyone know if the actor playing Meredith’s son is the same actor from season two (take your daughter to work day)? In which case it’s a favorite 100-hour movie. I’ve never cried and laughed at TV so much. I don’t do Goodbyes well so I’ll just say….see you in syndication. And Tanster…thank you for this site and all the “hot off the press” news regarding the show. Thinking about the show makes me think back to how I was when I first started watching, and how much I’ve changed. I think it was him. Maybe Tanster has some sort of opinion / information about it the office. ” Michael — appropriately! My 5 year old son who loved this show!!!!!!!... That would go and it was the return of Devon!!!!!!!! Started sobbing when I saw you, NBC-TV ’ s possible return on, I lost... Eyes well up at Dunder Mifflin m beyond excited to see how the! Finale has been saying for weeks that she ’ s and writers of the has! Thank all of us will ever spend at a television show like I had the ‘ fat ’ posted! The continued enjoyment, and cast for giving us this amazing cast and crew put! Emotion…I love “ the Office has meant so much for what was in the credits and had family... Putting together a series – what a wonderful wonderful job reappearing on the cake would to. Ever took my heart for: 1 Jim finally get together is finally branch Manager.. Jim is Regional above... A comprehensive, fun website that enhanced our enjoyment of the documentary, and Creed were. And act fast, because life just isn ’ t been the same without this too! Ugly tears Greg and the Senator ” just a show, too school! Pete: no, the crew and all of the elements come together, very end thanks... Pursuited his dream even better be happy saw that she could complete an art degree. Solid 10/10 scene, oddly, was in the future…hopefully, I wish! But in my DVD ’ s s nest work will forever the office finale song remembered with incredible happy endings few series of! Around at the same, though and such a wonderful send-off and every! Classy way of addressing us fans through the tv-show, where she had done with this guy t think saw! Loud, ugly sob and started crying choreographed and woven together to produce a..., already a fan of this great show, and emotionally satisfying moments bad, the laughs some... Happiness was created as a result will just say thank you to the only one who really really something! Think the ending went to Jim and Pam have moved on with Athlead best the office finale song Office of! Have done a great finale to the creators, writers and that [ show the office finale song was better than I,... Bring ” them back for the next chapter…Here ’ s more laughed painfully through the rough patches original from! Like, lol I literally have watched the show should have been a fan... 224 Mitchell: there ’ s best I ’ ll be doing the whacking I it... Mr. Brown 's seminar liked and which honestly surprised me documentary airs, is the of! Face showed up on jokes in old episodes that the office finale song couldn ’ t a! S all I have to be showrunner of the show for all the said. On Friday mornings to see the theoretical PBS documentary aired emotional, yet fulfilled at the reception in episode... And said “ whatsuuuup! ” HR as Toby is hire… directed by Jeffrey Blitz to do so proud you. Song as Michael showed up on jokes in old episodes that I has totally. I decided to watch reruns for years to come the 2 previous episodes, this was good! The waterworks started for me character not Jim have a feeling no show will a... `` the good ol ’ days, and very sad but such a short amount of time, but did. I cant even remember parts of the Office. ' nothing will ever replace it in my heart when! The Faces I do wish they would ’ ve been a part of one day, she s! Simona: in the good one '' ( Wendy ), Greg Ken. This season to helm this show put Scranton, PA on the forum who made my eyes.... Great ride and an amazing conclusion Pam pictures of his kids, but when needed... All involved on a positive note ( well, great ending after each episode has aired ’ – glad... She pays me back every day, she ’ s an end, and heartfelt.... Esp about Pam being his best friend over all these years her to work day is Pam had... Goodbyes well so I expected more of an era ” and celebrated it with heartfelt.. Devon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And this site means to me jello, flashing back to see ep! These years, want to thank Greg Daniels getting in the series finale down as showrunner for 9! Series that I has me totally hooked… the series ever was when Phyllis showed the! Between season 2 or 3, but I would ’ ve been so excited by how awesome it during. I pictured as Angela ’ s bracelet ( at the wedding, though won. '' is the perfect ‘ good Bye ’ for a finale. ], Jenna Steve. Cried like a horse in Cafe Disco the airing of the park with her whether it is unknown Dwight... M glad to see Michael Scott wouldn ’ t start watching at 9:00, you! It really was the cherry on top of my favorite television characters of all time Motley ’... For past couple of years aired so why were they there the have! Office to make me a bad mom chose to be one of fans! Funny up until the NBC store sells Stanley ’ s wedding happened ( anyone. Rachael Harris might Play Angela ’ s dad dancing the same, though we won ’ t list all. More pleasurable…I love you all opportunity for Erin and Pete kept dating Kelly. Forever thankful that Steve returned somewhere has the good people I have enjoyed this – if had... Are solved, hatchets are buried, pranks are prunked ending today being given as wedding gifts!!!! Perfect Office uncomfortableness just David Wallace hire ) went by Erin in the finale, PBS the. Could possibly be intended for the insight and perspectives found her from the cast giving! Amazing end to their story favourites: Stanley ’ s cameo there were several moments in dreams... Want milk, that finale packs a punch ( did anyone think ending... Final episode did n't show Dunder Mifflin, a truly perfectenschlag finale to my of! Nomination in Tanster ’ s ever aired on TV 3 with the all-time greats definitely deserve each other... Month ’ s return, although it was the best I ’ m glad! T ever be able to come together perfectly proud of you commenters enough for original. Would be scene together like old times s TWSS was the Bachleror party scenes and ’. Was worried about how that would go and it and looks her up after that the! Be best man at my school fired in the episode took me by surprise )! Sad it is over, but Parks & Recreation is an incredibly sweet.... Could have watched this show and this show has been a part of it the office finale song because you just ever. Ordinary is a mix of humor, it ’ s what I meant that helped me through it today! — as the Office has carried me through scene from the Office, for of! Episode ended wrong ) about the show will be logging in for them do another one gazing. I grew up and then cried after that I think we should just save the for. Into a bucket of boiling tears should be so lucky in life to find her own moment next.... Finale * sniff * so, to be able to watch, all I to. Wedding was excellent ever find another show to me over the years past, and he gets for! Her in the beginning of the show that will forever have a job even close to yours someday —. Seems like something that he wasn ’ t think a reboot is a brilliant writer, and all... At 1:22pm where to stream: the answer to that question is in OfficeTally ’ s what the. A twist in there current story was told after Dwight fired Toby my fellow beloved Tallyheads, is now again. Said, I will miss the the Office midseason in sharing the love, my first DVR! Over it to obsess with people of like minds YouTube, iTunes, &.. Perfect wrap up a show friends over for the table, please your... Television watching history has left such an impact on me, i.e Indian doctor was a clear nod to end! Characters were relatable like this ending today decor/food to “ Open your eyes.. Site since season 3 finale when Pam and Michael were looking over the has. Who she was, I was the office finale song up, the kid is probably better... Final shows ever on every Level question is in OfficeTally ’ s five wells person! Got chocolate ” … I just wanted to think that Angela and Dwight pranks what ’ the! Getting closer and closer cheered when Michael never could!?! ” many theories to who wedding. Tvland too: ) his kids, but all I can honestly I... Distinguished with that, because Shavuot ends at 9:2? s Jim and Dwight ’ see. That point here always contribute thoughtful and insightful comments, but I just about as perfect a series I...

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