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best new restaurants 2020

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As such, we present our Best New Restaurant list, made up of the city’s best and brightest new spots. Yeah, throw that in as well. Now Barber is taking the realignments a step further, surrendering his role in the kitchen in 2021 so that a diverse lineup of chefs from around the world can have access to the resources of Stone Barns and connect with a wider audience. I dream of Pasjoli’s pressed duck. Nothing is accidental; all of it is unforgettable. As a general rule: Be brave. Chef Bo Porytko has a knack for novelty, a talent … No, we didn’t manage to get everywhere. Even the city’s new high-end restaurants have gotten in on the ’cue game as new places like Provender Hall, Wicked Butcher, and Toro Toro have embraced, in one fashion or another, the art of smoked meat. Not far from Brix, Dayne’s serves killer brisket and other ’cue essentials, but he pays extra attention to sausage, making it himself. An ideal S. F. afternoon: Order hoagies and a bottle (or two) of fun, esoteric wine from Palm City, then walk to Ocean Beach. Fort Worth needed another pizza place like Grapevine needs another wine bar. Held at Texas Republic bar, the pop-up was hosted by One Entertainment, which operates a number of businesses in West Seventh, and was meant to be a sneak preview of a brick-and-mortar to come. Piccolina, the little sister to chef Amy Brandwein’s Centrolina, hums with a laid-back spirit of spontaneity, specializing in the à la minute char of a wood-fired oven. For instance: How? Carlson’s Landing, Essex. The far west side of Fort Worth has needed a good catfish spot for years, and that’s exactly what west siders got when Louisiana native Dwight Cooley opened his acclaimed catfish joint last year near Northwest Loop 820. It’s an entirely new perspective on the brasserie. Otherwise, dig in. Just go. Noma Reopened With Burgers Served at Picnic Tables. You can get it fried or grilled, but most prefer the former with its feather-light batter, addictive seasonings, and pearl-white innards. This 18-Foot BBQ Smoker Was Stolen. All make up the new dining landscape of Las Vegas when they open in 2020. Curtail your skepticism. But Jay Jerrier — the Dallas restaurateur who brought us Cane Rosso — did Fort Worth a solid by opening a location of this family-friendly pizza joint here, and now it’s hard to imagine what life was like before it. There’s a playfulness to the menu: Skate frites make an appearance in lieu of steak frites, pickled mussels instead of herring. A pop-up called Hot Chicks Chicken served a spectacular Nashville hot chicken sandwich whose namesake component was ridiculously crispy and flavorful. While takeout, curbside pickups, and masked dining became the norm, there were plenty of new and exciting culinary spots Fort Worthians could enjoy. 15 Exciting New Restaurants Open in Manhattan Right Now A buzzy Arab-Latin spot and a Georgian newcomer join the list this month by … Nami Nori at 33 Carmine Street —J.G. Get the ramen, too. Adarra at 618 North First Street —J.G. We’ll remember one minute, we were dining at our favorite restaurant and the next, we were contributing to a GoFundMe to help them stay alive. The top story in American cooking over the past decade has been the rise of Black chefs such as Mashama Bailey, Edouardo Jordan, and Kwame Onwuachi—and a long-overdue celebration of the foodways of the African diaspora. Balkan Treat Box at 8103 Big Bend Boulevard —J.G. Derek Allan’s Texas Barbecue & Goldee’s Barbecue, Try this: Wagyu burnt ends at Derek Allan’s; housemade sausage at Goldee’s. Omar Tate, who’s now in the midst of crowdfunding for a community center in Philadelphia, is a poet, an essayist, a historian—he’s an artist at heart who just happens to express himself through the medium of cooking. But Ghia is not some soda pop in disguise. Indo is not a sushi restaurant per se, yet electrifying bites of nigiri land in front of you during the course of a meal like random emoji lightning bolts of flavor. You’ll switch to champagne before the night is over. Our culture-and-lifestyle director, Kevin Sintumuang, got behind the wheel and drove with his wife and two daughters from Brooklyn to the West Coast and all the way back, logging thousands of miles and hitting cities like Denver, Billings, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Kansas City, and Chicago along the way. Photo by Kevin Kramer. Barbecue may have dominated our food scene but not at the expense of other types of new restaurants. Will they remain on the menu? He balances upscale finger food with equally intriguing entrées, like pan-seared scallops with fried green tomatoes; a watermelon gazpacho spiked with cucumber and red onion; and an outstanding burger, whose patty is seared in duck fat. T alk about lousy timing. We wore our masks. There’s also a smoked bacon grilled cheese, an imaginative fish ’n’ chips sandwich made with Agave Americana beer-battered cod, and a vegan Cuban made with braised jackfruit. Despite the challenges Music City faced in 2020, the restaurant scene still saw some notable newcomers. Even in a city with arguably the most exciting food scene in the United States, Kalaya leaves the competition in the dust. Then we took a bite. The pizza comes from Eat Free Pizza, which started as a secret pop-up where Billy Federighi, his wife, Cecily Rodriguez, and their friend Brad Shorten would bake pies in their apartment and serve them on their stoop. There, you can indulge in co-owner/drinks maestro Glen Keely’s craft cocktails, plush seating, and stunning views of downtown. The flavors are bold, comforting. Opened in January, this charmingly eclectic restaurant in the South Main Village is where you’ll find him in his element, making bar food great again, with dishes such as redfish egg rolls and PB&J wings, his signature chicken wings coated in Thai peanut sauce and blackberry coulis. As you enter, you might hear the sound of drinks being … 1116 Eighth Ave.,; 4645 Dick Price Road, Chef Daisy Ryan and her husband, Gregory, have created a place that feels so welcoming and familiar, yet every bite brings excitement, as if you were trying steak au poivre, or uni and caviar, or even salad and fries and ice cream, for the first time. Then go back for breakfast, which includes housemade biscuits, avocado toast, and humongous tacos that’ll keep you full till dinner. We have decided to celebrate them, and we’ve done that by meeting them where they are in the midst of this crisis. We never came to the table expecting fussy, tweezered perfection. The food, no doubt. We’ll remember the other food drives, too, the ones hosted by churches and schools and other helping hands. The best thing about 2020? “Tex-Soul is my twist. Perhaps. Don’t let the modest digs fool you. The number of new artisan ’cue spots in Fort Worth has been staggering; these are two of the best. Wild, indeed. That’s right, it’s nonalcoholic, and therefore very much part of the “sober curious” wave that has been changing beverage lists at restaurants around the country. Goosefeather occupies several rooms of the white-columned King Mansion, high on a hill above the Hudson River, and during the warmer months of the pandemic it spilled out onto a vast grassy expanse like a socially distanced lawn party. In particular, the second-story bar was modeled after the dark mezcal halls of Mexico City. awards? Smothered pork chops and rotisserie chicken are also faves, as are the housemade desserts, every single one of them made by hand. Let's Find It. Meanwhile, Brent Kroll’s confident, majestic wine list has categories like “Unicorn Wines,” “The Outsiders,” and “Donnie Darko Reds.” Order everything on the menu for dinner and then come back to Yellow for a breakfast pita with kefta the next morning. The menu seems to have been written by a hypnotist. Get 85+ Years of Award-Winning Journalism, Every Day, It's Not Just the Food I Miss at Restaurants, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Mama Chow, Fairfield. The “pasta do mar” uses actual seaweed from Galicia as noodles, the cardinal-red carabineros shrimp are delicately cured and served with plankton olive oil, and there is even a nori ice cream complete with candied sea lettuce. And why? Over the course of the past two years, however, Fort Worth’s restaurant scene has, in a way, devolved, resorting back to what the city has done so well for so long. Here’s a look at some of our fave new eats from food trailers, trucks, and pop-ups: Hot chicken sandwich from Hot Chicks Chicken: Forget The Cookshack and Rule the Roost. Jaelyn Molyneux February 26, 2020 March 2, 2020. But it’s the pizza you want. Clearly the revelers roaming around the East Village were missing the real party. Downtown Mesa saw huge food openings in 2020, Que Chevere headlining. It’s a place that absolutely purrs with spirit. Prubechu at 2224 Mission Street #A —K.S. Bognar, goateed and headbanded, toggles between cutting boards and cultures with the sprezzatura of a shredder. until now. Mar 2, 2020 at 11:21 AM See who won us over this year. Everything that requires heat is cooked with fire. I also love the way Fieldtrip has evolved, thanks to Johnson’s heart and drive, into a hub of influence and enterprise on Harlem’s Malcolm X Boulevard: Just look at how thousands of those bowls were delivered to hospitals this year as Fieldtrip fed medical workers trying to save people’s lives. Estelle’s satisfying small plates and enticing entrées combine Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish influences—enough of a draw to make the St. Paul restaurant one of 2020’s best. They also make their own sausage, rotating flavors every week; they’re worth the drive. Well, it’s a Southern thing. We happened to find it on quiet, sunlit afternoons at the Jones (formerly the Great Jones Cafe, now gently spruced up by restaurateur Gabe Stulman), where chef Jack Harris served up his own deeply satisfying homemade interpretation of a certain seafood sandwich associated with the Golden Arches. Not all of the city’s best new bites came from traditional restaurants. Weekend brunchers swarm the place for lemon bar French toast, which tastes every bit as good as it sounds. Helping boost the city’s embarrassingly low number of Indian cuisine options, King’s Kitchen opened last year in the Wedgwood area of Fort Worth in a nondescript strip mall near Interstate 20. Some of us volunteered, and some of us got in line. Somehow it works. The best thing about 2020? Start with the Smoky Chick, a chicken salad whose namesake ingredient is expertly smoked, then mixed with celery, green onions, and seasonings that the Carpenters are hesitant to divulge. Meanwhile, I rented a car and bolted south twice, checking out Baltimore and Washington, D. C., as well as Richmond and Charlotte and points in between, dutifully quarantining at home upon my return. 2220 East Rosedale St.,, Smoked chicken salad from Big Boyz Pit Smoked BBQ & More: After months of selling chicken salad to friends out of the trunk of his car, Fort Worth native T.J. Ragster opened a drive-through-only spot in the Brentwood-Oak Hills area. Restaurant news written and compiled by Malcolm Mayhew. Grab a six-pack at Maria’s next door (both spots are owned by Ed Marszewski) and you’ve got a real neighborhood hang. You wonder, as you sit at the counter at Indo and watch chef Nick Bognar at work: Can this guy do anything? Well, we’re doing it as an expression of support—love, really—for the chefs and bartenders and servers and dishwashers and maître d’s who are fighting that fight every day. The former school teacher also serves whole catfish and catfish cake rounds, similar to circular hushpuppies but stuffed with catfish. As for the how part, suffice it to say that, yes, we had to make a few adjustments to our annual process. While this tiny town has been a SoCal wine-country escape for a while, the two new epicenters of the area’s coolness are now the midcentury-chic Skyview Motel and a bistro on the town’s main drag, Bell’s. Dan Barber and his Michelin-starred team innovated in part by using beauty to inspire us: museum-worthy boxes of berries and flowers, picnics that gave people a moment to relish food and serenity in fresh air. Wild Acre’s is stacked high, high, high with Wagyu pastrami, housemade sauerkraut, and a spicy Thousand Island dressing. By Jeff Gordinier. When I look back at the anxieties and sorrows of this pandemic year, I will always be grateful for the sweet relief of a dinner with my daughter at da Toscano, where we sat under an umbrella on the sidewalk and listened to a young jazz trio. Join the club. Best New Restaurant Europa Restaurant & Bar. Hummus with nigella seeds and burnt onions? The 13 Hottest Restaurants in Orlando Right Now, Winter 2020 The best new eats in “The City Beautiful” by Faiyaz Kara Updated Nov 30, 2020, 9:30am EST We’ll have the nostalgia with extra tartar sauce, please. Hummus with curried lamb and apricots? From healthy eateries to casual watering holes, here is Nashville Guru’s list of the best new Nashville restaurants and bars of 2020.Some of these hot spots have top-notch cuisine, while others offer an atmosphere suitable for your next night out. Armani Johnson excels at cooking after-school snacks for grown-ups: PB&J doughnuts, crispy fried lumpia stuffed with burrata and meatballs, a creamy crab dip with a biscuit baked right on top so that the crust and the dip manage to fuse. Best New Restaurant. Found Oyster at 4880 Fountain Avenue —K.S. Many swing by after work to pick up rib-eyes, strip steaks, pork, chicken, sausages, and charcuterie. Chef Chris Coleman — who won Food Network’s Chopped in November — just opened The Goodyear House . Burger, stacked with double patties of a chuck-brisket-short rib blend, American cheese, farmhouse cheddar, and a zesty housemade sauce. The place is gorgeous, decked out in handsome booths and dark woods, the vibe is upbeat, and the food is divine. An impressive wine program features bottles from the globe. No risk, no reward: On a Saturday night at Mokyo, I had dishes like pork jowl with a kalamata aioli and corn dumplings in a truffle salsa verde that were head-spinningly delicious in ways that I have never experienced before. Food Folks @ Lau Pa Sat. But we covered a hell of a lot of asphalt, and we experienced, again and again, the creative resilience that makes the American restaurant scene a source of delight. Owner Toshia “Nana” Ramsey or one of her friendly employees will greet you with a menu and a smile, and soon you’ll feel right at home. Since opening earlier this year, the couple has been building a solid foundation of fans by offering next-level sandwiches, soul food staples, and barbecue in a frills-free, warm environment. Order another on the way back. Esquire's Best New Restaurants in America, 2020. I’m not sure what a jewel like Mokyo is doing in the middle of the thumping, tattoo-parlored bacchanal that is St. Marks Place, especially with a culinary premise that is already difficult to explain to someone who just wants to get hammered. Haven’t heard of “Hoppin’ John”? Sisters … (Looking back now, I can’t help but think of Eddie Van Halen onstage unleashing a Mozartian flourish of arpeggios just for the virtuosic fuck of it.) We promise we’ll come back.) 2801A Florida Ave., Coconut Grove. The restaurants arriving in Dallas in 2020 are eclectic and interesting. I love the central thesis behind chef JJ Johnson’s Fieldtrip—let rice unite us!—and I love the rice bowls themselves, with their crave-inducing combinations of sauces and toppings. Of course, you gotta get the fish and chips, made with Bowth beer-battered cod — so good, you may never go back to Zeke’s. Goosefeather at 49 East Sunnyside Lane —J.G. 5054 Trail Lake Drive,, The past two years have been banner years for craft-inspired barbecue in Fort Worth, and one of the reasons why is this family-run ’cue joint not far from the Near Southside. Here I ate inside, and I’m glad I did. The restaurant is currently closed due to COVID-19, but owner Nafees Alam insists it’ll reopen by year’s end. Houston. That’s because area hospital workers are in the know about Katrina and Travis Carpenter’s tiny cafe, found a block or two from the hospital district. And don’t ignore Collier’s cabbage: Slow-roasted and sauteed with smoked sausage and flooded with rich pork-neck bisque, it is like a cruciferous amplification of biscuits and gravy. At Leah & Louise, the Memphis-born chef Gregory Collier—who owns the Camp North End juke joint with his wife, Subrina—moves that conversation into its next phase, with a vision of Black southern cuisine that’s as innovative as it is fun. New French in the Old West? It’s made with traditional ramen noodles, the rich, beefy broth from her birria, and a shot or two of a hot sauce she makes herself. You’re going to have a problem if you go to Zhug, because you’re going to want to eat everything. But the sandwiches are pure gold. Bell's at 406 Bell Street —Kevin Sintumuang. Chef Gabe McMackin, formerly of the Finch in Brooklyn, has taken over the kitchen and brought an impressively experienced crew along with him, and they’re winging it each night with I-wanna-eat-that dishes that celebrate the bounty of surrounding farms. 2 Korean Girls. Who needs a restaurant when you’ve got this much vision? Misfit SnackBar. Zhug at 12413 Cedar Road —J.G. You’ll want to pair everything with Coors, at first. He tops his pies with ingredients we all know and love, from pepperoni to mushrooms, but spends more time and energy coming up with creative combos like the all-veggie TMNT pie, a chicken-and-waffles pie, and the Red Fang, a fiery beast of a pizza topped with chorizo, roasted heirloom tomatoes, and Thai chili honey, whose pleasure is definitely worth the pain. Fox and Pearl at 2143 Summit Street —K.S. Meat and potatoes. You’ll see so many people dressed in scrubs, you’ll swear you’re in a doctor’s office. Owner Reglio Cortez specializes in quesatacos — grilled tacos stuffed with marinated beef and mozzarella cheese and served with a side of consommé for dipping. The menu features domestic and international premium cuts of beef, including dinner-with-a-show dishes such as double-rib steak for two, served tableside. 1217 E. 16th St., 317-635-4444, Decorated like a fantastic backyard party, with sunny splashes of yellow and blue and a pass-through bar that opens onto an enclosed all-seasons patio, Festiva adds a pop of color and … Festiva. The calling card of a good barbecue joint is brisket, and Derrick’s — smoked for hours in a 1,000-gallon offset smoker over mesquite and pecan — is top-notch, outlined in a magnificently peppery black crust, a beautiful smoke ring, and ribbons of fat that give the tender meat texture and flavor. All have opened over the past 18 months or so, and all are in, for the first time ever for this list, Fort Worth proper. The duo, dipping into a grab bag of influences, reboot old Gallic warhorses with West Coast sunshine and Quebecois funk. One of three concepts he launched within a year (he also started a fajitas delivery service and opened Atico, a rooftop restaurant at the Springhill Suites in the Stockyards), Gemelle is another Love endeavor that marks a first in Fort Worth: Opened last fall, it was the first local restaurant to serve Detroit-style pizza. We may earn a commission from these links. I mean, the piping-hot boat of bread that is pide, with its duet of ajvar (a red-pepper spread) and kajmak (a creamy fresh cheese)! Indo at 1641D Tower Grove Avenue —J.G. Mokyo at 109 Saint Marks Place —J.G. Even during a pandemic, new restaurants have opened and continue to open, a testament to the resilience of our city’s food community. (Chef Kay Hyun delivers tapas that merge the vantage point of her native Korea with the flavors of Peru, the Middle East, and the Iberian Peninsula, for starters.) (Our apologies to the great state of Texas. The Korean-style fried chicken is done by Kimski chef Won Kim. Barbecue aficionados are now driving up from Lockhart and Austin to taste our barbecue. It’s never just about the wine list. Kalaya is the restaurant that every food writer—hell, every food lover—dreams of walking into someday. We put together an Esquire Best New Restaurants list in the middle of a global pandemic. 10 Best New Restaurants in Calgary 2020. Boca Oyster Bar, Bridgeport., Ramen from Calisience: Jacqueline Anaya’s East Belknap food truck, which she launched early 2020, has been drawing big crowds for her take on birria tacos (see our profile in the October issue). This is how you do it. Nominally, Adarra is a Basque restaurant, with shimmering interpretations of mussels escabeche and gambas al ajillo from chef Randall Doetzer and a let’s-go-for-a-ride wine list from him and his wife, Lyne. Paola Velez is not just one of the most skilled young bakers and dessert creators in the country; she’s a leader when it comes to innovating new modes of activism, from registering voters to raising money for social justice. You might be unfamiliar with the cuisine of Guam, but Prubechu will turn you into a fan. An East Coast seafood shack in East Hollywood? Even the city’s upscale restaurants have been paying more attention to barbecue, beef, and various facets of homestyle cooking. Fort Worth’s prayers for a good Irish pub were answered this past summer when Trinity College Irish Pub arrived in the West Seventh area, taking over the spot briefly occupied by Tortaco. Then there’s Santo Brúklin, a Brazilian … Named after the town from which Cooley hails, Cooley’s snug spot specializes in farm-raised catfish. 3318 East Belknap St., Céntrico Taqueria & Tequila Bar, Bethel. While most of us can’t wait to forget 2020, there’s a lot worth remembering, at least from a culinary standpoint. Pay attention to the scotch eggs, hard-boiled eggs wrapped in herb-infused sausage and panko breadcrumbs. Black Lives Matter. Opened: December 2019. Skip lunch that day, gather friends, and clear space on the tabletop, because chef Douglas Katz’s vision of the food of the Middle East is the stuff that delirious feasts are made of. It’s me putting my own stamp on Texas barbecue.”. The purrrfect pie: Jaime Fernandez of Black Cat Pizza makes some of the best pizza in Fort Worth. This year we launched a new dining category, Best New Restaurants, to recognize the top … Goldee’s Barbecue, located off the bean path near Kennedale, is run by a group of lifelong friends, each of whom has worked in a storied ’cue joint, such as Franklin’s in Austin. Yeah, we all needed a little comfort this year. As the ocean winds remind us, all is temporary. Albi at 1346 Fourth Street SE —J.G. Others go by at lunch for excellent handhelds: a sliced tenderloin sandwich topped with bleu cheese crumbles on a sweet kolache bun; a burger with double patties of chuck and tenderloin; a BLT piled high with Klein Hardwood smoked bacon, which just may be the best bacon in the world. Fort Worth could use a few more places like Nana’s, that’s for sure. For the best Connecticut Magazine content, …

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