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business improvement district regulations

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(4) Where before the deceased’s death a sum in excess of his liability (including relevant costs payable by him) in respect of a BID levy has been paid (whether the excess arises because of his death or otherwise) and has not been repaid or credited under this Schedule, his executor or administrator shall be entitled to the sum. (8) Subject to sub-paragraph (9), the appointment shall remain in force for that ballot only. 17.—(1) Where there is a proposal to alter—. (12) Where a liability order is made against one person in respect of an amount, and also against another person or persons (whether at the same time as the order against the first mentioned person or subsequently and whether in respect of all or part of that amount)—. the level of support (as evidenced by the result of the BID ballot or re-ballot of a BID ballot, as the case may be) for the BID proposals; the nature and extent of the conflict referred to in paragraph (1)(a); in relation to paragraph (1)(b), the structure of the proposed BID levy and how the financial burden of the BID is to be distributed amongst ratepayers in the geographical area of the BID; the extent to which the BID proposer discussed the BID proposals with the authority before submitting the BID proposals to the authority under regulation 4; and. Different options to open legislation in order to view more content on screen at once. no further charge may be aggregated for the purposes of regulation 14(2) of the 1989 Regulations under that head or head A of that Table in consequence of any subsequent levy or attempted levy against any of them in respect of that amount; and a charge under head A(i) or charges under that head and head A(ii) against one of them shall be treated for those purposes as a charge or, as the case may be, charges under that head with respect to the others as well as that one. (2) Subject to paragraph (3), a person shall be entitled to vote in a renewal ballot or a re-ballot in respect of a renewal ballot if, on the date the ballot holder publishes the notice under paragraph 3(a) of Schedule 2, he falls within the class of non-domestic ratepayers who on that date are liable for the BID levy. 12.—(1) This paragraph applies in any case where (apart from this paragraph) there would at a particular time be more than one person who is liable for the BID levy for a hereditament, or of part of such a hereditament. any provision for doubtful debts which, in their opinion, should be made in respect of sums so credited. The cost to the authority for the year in respect of collecting the BID levy. (3) Where sub-paragraph (2)(b) applies, the liability of the executor or administrator does not arise until the service on him of a notice requiring payment of the sum. (2) The ballot holder may by writing under his hand appoint one or more persons to discharge all or any of his functions under these Regulations. (8) A person who has notified an address for the purpose of sub-paragraph (5)(a) may, by notice in writing to the billing authority, withdraw that notification; and the withdrawal shall take effect on the third business day after the date on which the notice is received by the billing authority. (b)as regards any time in a chargeable period when there is more than one such person who is liable for the BID levy, those persons shall be jointly and severally liable to pay the amount that would have been payable by way of the BID levy with respect to that time if there were only one such person. 4.—(1) BID proposals, renewal proposals or alteration proposals, as the case may be, shall include the matters mentioned in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of Schedule 1. (6) No person other than the ballot holder and his clerks may be present at the issue of ballot papers, unless permitted by the ballot holder to attend. the billing authority shall ensure the BID arrangements (as altered) are made by the time those BID arrangements (as altered) are to come into force and shall send a notice in writing explaining the reason for and the effect of the alteration to each person liable for the BID levy; and. (6) A copy of the representations made by one party to the appeal shall be sent by the Secretary of State to the other parties to the appeal and shall be accompanied by a statement explaining the effect of paragraph (7). (i)the billing authority and that person have agreed for that purpose that any documents containing the notice or information may be accessed by that person on a website; (ii)the document is a document to which that agreement applies; (iii)the billing authority has published the document on a website; and, (iv)that person is notified, in a manner for the time being agreed for those purposes between him and the billing authority, of—. For more information see the EUR-Lex public statement on re-use. (a)a universal service provider (as defined in the Postal Services Act 2000(10)); (b)any other holder of a licence under Part 2 of the Postal Services Act 2000 whose licence permits it to convey such papers from one place to another; or.

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