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is the cat c15 a good motor

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C16 Cat 60 Series Detroit – These Detroit engines are the only ‘newer’ diesel engine in the best semi truck engines. If this engine has full maintenance records and is in good shape I would recommend getting it. after some problems,alot of education and some mods. JavaScript is disabled. Freight. and if I kept the orginal motor in it I am asking for problems!! they do have some EGR issues but pretty easy fixes. It is intended for fleet and line haul use. As far as I know; they all had the big berrings. The C13 sux, and the 435's, even late ones, suk. Some had aluminum pistons, some had the steel. Read about the history and technical specs of this legacy engine. This engine is very popular because of its reliability and versatility. I know thats how the isx runs the cat takes longer to cool an gets hotter faster an I put the fan on with the switch was wondering if this is normal for the c-15 or are the thermostats hanging up a little if I let it idle it will go up to 200 put the fan to cool it down. even when the truck is running at full temperature this status code come up. Last print out from Landstar showed it at over 7mpg average for 90 days. The truck I used to have had a 525 bridge engine in it. Technician: Cat Man, Cat Engine Expert replied 8 years ago On average the C15 can get 6 to 6.5 if the RPM's are kept low while driving. Advanced Combustion Emission Reduction Technology. I haul pretty heavy, 140,000 and I don't have many problems. I'd still prefer the series 60 over a cat. The Caterpillar C7 Engine was produced from 2003 - 2009 and was originally touted to be the greatest CAT Engine ever made. They are one of the engines we sell parts for the most, since they are so popular. a new pre emissions motor is around 36 thousand to replace the c15 if needed to be replaced. I believe, well got the Detroit nobody said one good thing about the cat so im going to get the truck in the am, :guitar That should serve you well , and its way cooler than a 1ton:guitar, ya it is i had a FL70 with the 8.3cummins before this truck sold it because it didnt have any power. I have a 2005 per emission C15 Cat. If you get decent fuel economy as a side effect, that's awesome. Thanks in advance. I love my truck. If you could change one thing about Trucking ? My 12.7 Detroit was the best long term engine I've owned to date, never a major problem in over 2 million miles and the older it got the better fuel mileage it got. 95% of the time the engine doesn't make enough power to pull a small grade in overdrive. Right now its reads between 10-12 I think I need to change the fuel filters, Also in a pull with the fan on pyro will read between 8-900. Hi folks just bought a 04 pete c-15 single turbo was wondering nomal water temps in a pull loaded pulls the hills it will climb up to 210. i'll probily try to find another truck with an isx under the hood. BXS03039 Ran Good (4364259. What a difference that made. This engine is sold and warranted as a LONG BLOCK ONLY! 2008 CAT C15 used diesel engine for sale. I love my truck. With a 1006000 miles, No major engine work. Interview The Company First cause you got the Upper Hand, Is It Just Me or are there more Wrecks as of Lately. With those choices, and the C15 being a 435, and assuming you're gonna buy it and drive it not put any extra money into the motor to make it decent, just get the Detroit with the lowest manometer reading and cleanest (ash/ acids/ particulates) oil sample at 10K, put tall rubber on it, and run it. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. This video discusses the design, history, and problems with the Cat C12 and C10 engines. I am looking at purchasing an 08 pete with the cat sdp c15 in it. But these problems have been taken care of and are no longer an issue. ... 2004 CAT C15 435hp Engine. I have a C 15 Acert and love it NOW . seems the Cat dealers dont know how to make them run right and end up throwing expensive parts at them only to have them still run poorly. I have a 2005 per emission C15 Cat. Didn't pull any better then a 475 and the EGT's ran at 1200 to 1300 degrees. OK, I'll be stupid...What does Acert mean ? I will be going to look at/ test drive this truck tomorrow and see how it performs just wanted some insight. It'll cool to about 200 and kick off, the heat back up, rinse, repeat. when it it is in this "mode", I notice that the boost gauge reads approx. Caterpillar C15 Following the production of the 3406E, Caterpillar released the C15 in 1999. “Similar to the IMO II engine, this engine has an air shut-off valve that comes installed from the factory since this is increasingly becoming a standard safety feature that is required in the offshore industry,” said Vijaywargiya. We want you to receive the proper part. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. im going to be buying a new class 7 truck this week im going to be geting a freightliner single axle from ryder what motor should i get c13, cat c15 cat, or the 12.7 detroit and why. The classic Cat yellow brings a sense of reliability and durability to those who ride with it under their hood. According to the Cat web site, they recommend to speck axle ratios and tire sizes like this: Cat C13, Multi-torque 80,000 lb GVW 430-hp, 1550/1750 lb-ft 1325 rpm @ 65 mph Cat C15, Multi-Torque 80,000 lb GVW 435-hp, 1550/1750 lb-ft 1325 rpm @ 65 mph The C was a transitional engine from the B to the E and the C15. This single turbo engine comes with 550hp, 1,850tq and is covered by a 4 year/Unlimited mile warranty. it was a great disappointment when stock. Not normal, but good on ya. Hot days and hard pulls run my engine temp up to 210, then the fan kicks on. It pulled like crazy, responded more like an old Cummins, engine braking was awesome, sounded like an honest to goodness diesel engine, and got the same mileage as our C13. Made in the USA PDI Big Boss Performance Tuner BXS03039 Ran Good (4364259. The Caterpillar C15 engine is available for install in most of our Glider Kits. What could be the problem, does it effect the performance. C15 Cat – the Cat 15 and C16 Caterpillar diesel engines were workhorses. so it's not a cost effective solution!! $35,000.00. The C15 is a heavy-duty diesel engine manufactured by Caterpillar. what would be peoples opinions on a 2003 c15 pre emissions motor. However, things don't always go according to plan. Cat Fluids Cat fluids have been developed and tested by Caterpillar in order to increase the performance of Cat components and the life of Cat components. They were also reliable, not bad fuel economy and had great warranties. TEST RUN & INSPECTED! I know the emissions on these engines is CRAP, but this truck does have a dpf delete done. My loads average around 35,000 to 43,000 LBS and I average 6.8 mpg at 68 mph. Tuners, Exhaust Manifolds, Turbos, and other high quality performance products. 2004 CAT C15 435hp Engine. ... CAT C15 C15 ACERT DIESEL ENGINE CATERPILLAR C15 ENGINE ACERT 625HP. It cools to 185 and below fairly quickly. For more information on DPF delete and the scope of Caterpillar diesel engines that we’re able to perform delete services and tuning on, contact us today. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. (GOOD USED) 2000 Caterpillar C15 6NZ Diesel Engine with Jake Brakes For Sale, 6NZ, Single Turbo, 70-PIN, AR# 191-4152, Core AR# 160-5340, 475HP, 625HP Max Rating, 15.2L, 6 Cylinders, Engine Serial# 6NZ32666, Stock# 2415 WATCH TEST RUN VIDEO ON CA TRUCKS WEBSITE! Detroit Diesel Series 60. It doesn't use any oil, pulls great and runes great. I also hope you're ready for the inevitable metal fatigue and can get a rebuild for a manageable cost when that metal fatigue catches up with you. MPG will depend the most on your driving habits, with that being said motor wise I think you will get the best mpg (driving habits aside), out of the detroit. The new ratings complement the entire Cat engine line, the C7, C9, C11, C13, and C15, now all equipped with ACERT emission control technology. The fact is, Cat wasn't built with fuel economy in mind. It was purely built for power. Are they similar to the pre 07 acerts once deleted? The Engine has 184000 orignal miles. The new 625 hp version of the C15 will be marketed as the “King of the Hill.” It develops 625 hp at 1,800 rpm and is rated at 595 hp at … The C15 IMO Tier III engine is available now for order through the Cat ® … It's so versatile in fact, that Cat lists over 34 applications that are powered by this engine. Then I put a 100 ohm resister on the fuel sensor and a 10 ohm resister on the air sensor and I also put code 6999 on the injectors. 28 pounds. Why We Love It: Hands down the Detroit Diesel Series 60 is the best diesel … 2011 CAT C15 S#11500003, 500kW standby/455kW prime, 277/480V 3ph, 60Hz, 1800rpm, 0 hours since rebuild/21,938 original hours, EPA Tier 2 CAT C15 diesel engine, EMCP 3.1 digital control panel, heavy duty air cleaner. I guess it's a parts truck or it's ready for the bone yard. Pre-Owned. Cummins ISX 14.7 liter. That leaves the green machines... sorry the C13 has 410hp all the trucks are 2006 all the trucks have 600,000 miles. PDI Big Boss™ Products for CAT C15 Acert engines are built to improve fuel mileage, increase horsepower, and deliver more torque. c15 not just a lack of power, but NO power Posted: Sat Mar 3, 2012 2:13:55 PM. Or of course a 3406. Good Luck with yours! Sold By: Nationwide Heavy Truck Parts Sounds like you want C15 motor with serial number prefix 6nz. If I were you I would get the Detroit. The early C15s with a 6NZ serial number prefix only have one turbocharger and simple electronics, and weigh less than the 3406E, which was the C15s predecessor. Decades of field operation and intense research and development allow Cat C15 ACERT engines to deliver excellent performance with low operating costs while meeting tight environmental requirements. JavaScript is disabled. Cat C15 ACERT engines are the ideal solution for your demanding operations in the oilfield. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Not sure right know but that year would be the famous zn6 or the msx. I've heard the new ISM's are all but worthless too. Originally when the twin turbo C15 came out it did pretty well but had a few minor oil leak and rocker arm problems. Basically 1400 to 1550 RPM's are best. Yes, it is a very good engine. C15,435HP BXS03039,RAN GOOD,C120,T6 2004 CAT C15 435hp Engine. The CT15 joins the CT11 and CT13 as the third engine option for the versatile Cat CT660. The 15-liter engine is available with as much as 550 horsepower and 1,850 lb-ft of torque, which will power the Class 8 truck through heavy-hauling jobs and demanding terrain. Get the best deals for caterpillar c15 engine at Some came with a waste gate turbo, some not. By Dan Bruno - Friday, September 25, 2009 3:09 PM A forum community dedicated to Diesel engine owners and enthusiasts. You are using an out of date browser. 1996 Gmc k2500 4x4 6.5 turbo diesel, with mods Blew the head gasket, put all new heads, valves, injecotrs gaskets etc on the truck only to get it together and find out it had no oil pressure, and sounded horrible (pry a spun bearing). I was sitting at CAT for a few hours Tuesday and I was reading all the pamphlets they had. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a higher mileage engine with the thought and knowledge it would need a rebuild sooner than later. These engine comes with OEM Cat registered warranty serial number specific in the purchaser name through any authorized Cat C15 NXS dealer in North America. My loads average around 35,000 to 43,000 LBS and I average 6.8 mpg at 68 mph. It doesn't use any oil, pulls great and runes great. I have an 08 c15 accert 550hp. With a 1006000 miles, No major engine work. Cat put up gardes in as the became available.. sortof mix and match. ). Hopefully, you continue to get such excellent service out of your C-15. The Cat C15 NXS comes complete from flywheel to front cover including an engine brake. What you want is anything before 2003 before acert came out. The DPF actually restricts engine power, so having it deleted will translate to an engine that works up to its full power potential. The C15s, especially the early ones, are known to be good and reliable engines. The Cat C15 offers a fully-configurable engine across a wide range of power nodes, flexible aftertreatment mounting options and the ability to install the engine's IPU straight from the factory, so OEMs can keep installation time and costs to a minimum. It was suggested that you can allow the engine to lug down and that by turning the fan on you actually lose 30-40 hp. Caterpillar has won the J.D. A Cat C15 industrial diesel engine produces 475 to 595 brake horsepower and is rated at 1,800 to 2,100 rpm. The engine, which is powered by an inline six, four-stroke-cycle diesel configuration with a displacement capacity of 16.2 liters, is able to compress at a rate of 17.0:1. The quality of finished oil is dependent on the quality of the base stock, the quality of the additives and the compatibility of the base stock and additives. Good Day, I have a CAT C15 Acert BXS motor, there is a Status code which keeps coming up saying Intake Valve System Starting. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. On the downhill side, I'll let it float for a minute or two to get a jumpstart on cooling the engine, then engage the jakes. Can anyone tell me about what the fuel filter vaceum guage. Told the guy I bought it from he said 200-210 is normal for the engine been running with the fan loaded seems to stay about 180-190 didnt get any hard pulls. i have been thinking of some super singles ware can you buy them at? if you havent heard them too, your not listening.. buy the Detroit. According to Caterpillar, no other engine manufacturer has received this award once. I drive an 04 KW with a C15 as well and it is not an ACERT engine. Cat C15 NXS engines are for sale from Kustom Truck. With those choices, and the C15 being a 435, and assuming you're gonna buy it and drive it not put any extra money into the motor to make it decent, just get the Detroit with the lowest manometer reading and cleanest (ash/ acids/ particulates) oil sample at 10K, put tall rubber on it, and run it.

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