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jeffy saying i don't have to

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SuperMarioLogan Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. As Rosalina arrives to check on Jeffy, Jeffy chokes and dies off of the green bean. Jeffy then starts saying it because he likes the word. This is the third time Mario and Rosalina cry together. ?oldid=472056, This article is a stub. No, I'm not saying I'm against edgy jokes, I mean, obviously Jeffy has made a lot of jokes about genitals and other things and things like that and personally for me, I don't think that there's really a big issue with it, well, I mean, if it was an average joke that actually played well but with Jeffy however, most of the jokes that Jeffy … They bury him in the backyard, but as they leave he comes out of the grave. [The episode begins when Jeffy hits the diaper many times.] Please help by adding some. Then, the doorbell rings. He's going to hurt himself!" Jeffy: Well. The prayers who are asking God in this video are: Brooklyn T. Guy who prayed for his cop outfit to be in his car so he won't drive all the way home to get it. 82. The disgusted Rosalina tells Mario not to do it, even though he is not listening to her. Bowser Junior Almost Goes To Sleep Forever! Brooklyn T. Guy says "bull crap" instead of the other word to avoid demonetization. Visibly furious, Mario threatens to force-feed Jeffy into eating 5 cans of green beans, but Jeffy tells Mario to never get green beans down his throat as he walks out to the lounge. 4.2 out of 5 stars 36. Jeffy: Kiss Camie's Ass Goodbye, Loser! Mario now going too far declares that Jeffy is going to eat his green beans tonight. The episode starts off with Mario driving to Walmart and he yells at a homeless guy that gets in his way, accidentally calling him a "faggot". whats up f****t! This is Shrek's third appearance in October 2020, and fourth overall appearance in 2020. It doesn’t add up how it turns out that the Sheep-Jeffy was actually a remote controlled toy when Jeffy was shown to have turned into a sheep onscreen. Mario yelled before he slammed the front door. Popup: Although Jeffy did have the ability to see through the future. He answers the door and Scooter appears with a scooter. It is also the sequel to Bowser Junior, Cody, Joseph, Chef Poo Poo, Richard, and Jeffy's Ultimate Mess! This episode and video will make it up to fans who hate Jeffy. Previous: Mario says to not say it, but Jeffy states that the supposed YouTube robot didn't hear him say the word, and mentions the meaning again. THANKS. We're done here. Series: Chef Pee Pee: Jr Why would you say that word! Jeffy the Monkey! It is unknown how Rosalina puts the zombie makeup on Jeffy before he got buried while she was in the other room crying. Jeffy then goes back to the couch. Jeffy’s new friend 79. Bowser Junior who prayed for $1 to get the Magic Growing Sponge Capsules. let's let's try this and action. Then Pumpkin come in and walk down the couch. "Hiding so I don't have to go to school." And as expected, the episode is about Mario getting into trouble because Jeffy won't stop saying "faggot". Mario then ask what would he do to make Jeffy eat his green beans. "Jeffy The Sheep!" But they changed it into a sheep to follow up on a joke Brooklyn Guy did. 552 i'm sorry for saying that word. But don't forget, we're here to see who has the best chances of winning. This episode was uploaded 2 years after ", This is the second video to have a zombie, the first being ", This is also the second video to have a character killed another only to be resurrected in a bad way and learn a lesson in the end. The first video to do this was, This is the second time where Brooklyn T Guy has a collection of brains, the first time being in. He doesn’t have anyone to watch Jeffy, though, so Brooklyn Guy gets frus… Jeffy: By myself? Jeffy calls him a fat guy. Not only that, but the way Shrek comes out of the porta-potty is a direct reference to the intro scene of. don't be so rude. Part 1, Bowser Junior Goes To Military School! Black Yoshi's Call Of Duty Special Edition! Baby jeffy 73. Then Jeffy says "I don't have to". SML Movies Jeffy’s online school 78. Next: sml, jeffy, boyxboy. Upload date: Chef Pee Pee: Jr Why would you say … He surprisingly asked that they're back already as he threw his plate behind. Then Mario responds to Jeffy : "You do have to". BTS Jeffy: Well. This is Brooklyn T. Guy’s 14th appearance in a row. Mario: Okay Jeffy, I have to run to the store really quick, Can I trust you to stay home by yourself? Mario asked, yelling at Jeffy. It was all revealed to teach Mario a lesson for force-feeding Jeffy green beans. This confirms that he may be considered a more recurring character now. Black Yoshi's Call Of Duty Special Edition! Video Chronology Rosalina says it's not a bad word, but Jeffy says the second word (pecker) is, whispering that it means "PP". Jeffy's on the ceiling fan! God I never should have telled him to come here! Mario: WHAT JEFFY I'VE ALREADY BEEN MAD AT YOU! This video was originally thought to be the 2020 Halloween Special despite not being posted on Halloween. Jeffy then grabs a glass cup, throws it onto the ground, and says, "woodpecker". Mario figures out that Jeffy ate the "chocolate candies", which were actually cat poop. Mario doesn’t feel like it but then says yes. Channel: and don't say that word again. Jeffy the monkey 70. Bowser junior gets a job 75. IF YOU DON'T WANNA SEE NAUGHTY JOKES THEN DON'T READ IT. He puts in the milk with the green beans much of Rosalina's dismay. This is most likely because the genuine laughs can be considered as part of the characters' laughs. Part 2. Brooklyn T. Guy is at the door with a tank top on, and he asks if Mario wants to go fishing. I don't know about you, but I don't want to shell out a few grand to replace my windows just to get my phone to work. Mario saw Pumpkin and he want him to go, but Rosalina said they have it for a while. Mario starts playing coy with him saying that they didn't do that. The video starts with Jeffy saying Hi to Mario, but Mario says his breath stinks. whats up f****t! Scooter the rapper 76. and don't say that word again. Mario then came to jeffy’s room and saw a note on jeffy’s Crib and read it. Even if we take away Meggy's guns and other arsenal, she would still topple Jeffy with uses of martial arts and outsmarting. Jeffy said “Woodpecker“ instead of his private part to avoid demonetization. Jeffy dings the triangle, and starts doing it over and over again. This is the second time in 2021 where Mario is about to punish Jeffy, the first being ". Bowser Jr: I'm Sorry chef peepee. cause that makes my day worse (Cuts to the kitchen). Jeffy: Okay, I'm pooping the sink. Jeffy the Sheep! This is the second time Jeffy burps, the first being. When the doorbell rings, Jeffy sings a song of his catchphrase 'I don't have to' (in the verse of "Are you Sleeping? Bowser Jr: (wears his suit) Yo Chef pee pee! Jeffy saying I don’t Have to for 6 minutes straight - YouTube Bowser Junior Almost Goes To Sleep Forever! SuperBowserLogan Jeffy who prayed for a remote controlled sheep. Mario: Why not buy a new helmet? Jeffy's Executionis the first episode of season 13 made in SuperMarioLogan 2.0. Jeffy replies "Stick your hand in a porta potty for ten minutes?" (doorbell sounds) As Jeffy tells Mario to make him a milkshake, Mario declines a third time as he said to Jeffy that it is unhealthy. Mario denies that saying that it is the opposite (as in "healthy"), saying that Jeffy would be oblivious of that.

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